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Friday, March 30, 2012

sexs more fun to use lubricant

A recent research conducted by the condom manufacturer suggests that the sex would be better to use lubrication (grease). Lubricants are one solution to overcome the problem of vaginal dryness, and improve sexual satisfaction
In the survey, the producers involved 89 percent of women who say sex is much more enjoyable with lubricant. More than three-quarters of women users feel that the activities of foreplay lubricant becomes more attractive to their partner.
While 76 percent of women claimed to be amazed by the difference they feel when having sex while using a lubricant.
Even the study by Indiana University researchers who published his research in the journal International Society for Sexual Medicine, said that usage of lubrication may be the best way to spice up your sex life.
The researchers found that most women (33 percent) and men (41 percent) use lubricants for their partners. This suggests that the use of lubricants is now a vital part of foreplay.
The researchers said lubricant significantly enhance sexual pleasure and satisfaction for all women, including for those who have never experienced a problem with vaginal dryness.
More interesting yet, lubrication is now available in a variety of flavors and aromas like passion fruit, strawberry, cherry, aloe vera (aloe vera), and so forth.
Kompas.com - Women who use a lubricant or lubricant during intercourse claimed to feel more satisfied and had no pain compared with peers who do not use a vaginal lubricant.
The study, published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that lubricant will reduce the negative symptoms, such as pain or burning in the vagina. Most respondents also said that water-based lubricant is more effective than silicon-based.
Pain in the vagina during intercourse (dyspareunia) is a sexual problem often complained by women. Genital pain is usually continuous or frequent relapses during penetration.
Some of the physical conditions that can cause dyspareunia, among others, lack of sexual stimulation, hormonal changes, vaginal dryness, or a reaction to contraceptive devices or materials. Psychological trauma such as rape or sexual abuse can also be a cause of sexual pain disorders.
"The use of lubricants during foreplay or the main game with a partner can reduce pain," said Debby Herbenick, of the Center for Sexual Health Promotion, Indiana University Bloomington.
Randomized study of 2453 women aged 18-68 years. They were asked to wear one of six types of lubricants for two weeks. Then they were asked about the level of satisfaction, as well as its effect on the symptoms that interfere when love As mentioned in previous articles (Assisted Sexual Favors The lubrication fluid), liquid lubricants are used to help you reduce pain during intercourse. Another advantage of the use of lubricant is increased enjoyment of lovemaking.
However, you should identify the types of lubrication, in order to find a liquid base material is most suitable for you.
A. Lubricant with warm effect
You may have heard of lubricant that promises a warm sensation during intercourse. Apparently this is true. Lubricants of this type can give the sensation during intercourse, especially if used outside the condom. But be careful not to use too much. Just one drop of a coin. For the female sex organs are more sensitive than men. Warmth can be converted into heat when too much fluid.
2. Water-based
Most of lubrication on the market are water based. This species is most safe for those who have sex organs are very sensitive. But water-based, it does not mean free from irritation. Therefore, read the label first before buying. If you are sensitive to certain ingredients, you should avoid substances that contain propylene glycol or chlorhexidine which frequently cause irritation in women.
3. Oil-based lubricants
With oil-based lubricants should be fairly good, because it is not too wet or sticky. Most doctors recommend this type of lubricant. The drawback, lubricants of this type of material can tear latex condoms. To prevent tearing of condoms, use condoms made from polyurethane. There are also saying that this type of lubricant is suitable for men, but not for women.
4. Lubricants with the aroma
Lubricants are typically used with a particular scent when the couple wanted to perform oral sex, but the woman was reluctant. There are a variety of scents offered, generally fruits. Find out whether this type of lubricant containing sugar or not. Those who have a tendency to diabetes was not able to use this type of lubricant.
5. Silicon-based
The best way to use silicon-based lubricant is in the water, or in the bathroom. Silicon will become damp and will not be damaged even if used in the water. Lubricant suitable for this type of massage.
6. From natural materials
Lubrication of organic materials, natural, or environmentally friendly is sold in drug stores or pharmacies are rare. However, this type of lubricant does not have a lot of additional chemicals or addictive substances that can make us allergic.
7. Homemade lubricants
Ever heard of a lubricant is made from egg whites or peanut oil? Is this a safe way? Be careful using that might hurt or make the sex organs become irritated. Indeed there has been no specific studies on the lubrication of egg whites or peanut oil. Be careful to avoid infection.
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