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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Short and loose vagina

T. My genitals long enough. My partner is always complaining of pain every time we have sex. Is it because her vagina is too short for the size of my penis is so long? What should I do?

J. Try to find out what kind of pain experienced by your partner and where exactly is the pain because not all the pain that arises due to the length of the penis. There are many other things such as anxiety, too dry vagina, vaginal muscle contraction, etc.. No need to rush to conclusions and do not worry. There are many ways to overcome them, even if the result is known for sure that the penis is too long

MANY methods are used to treat the parts that are very intimate. Of traditional ingredients and even started to do with the techniques that are categorized as sophisticated. Well, the rada sensitive care about it, what kind of independent film star Lola Amaria perform maintenance on a very intimate part of her body?

Hmm ... "Me, I've tried it with a hundred ways. Use perfumes and traditional ingredients. Used usually for the bride, but now who the hell could. I was trying to shoot the film needs Ca Bau Kan," Lola said when met after so speakers in the discussion of culture, at The Sultan Hotel, Jakarta, Thursday (3/4).

According to the director of the film's female, she was already supposed to take care of the intimate parts to maintain a healthy body. Only, said Lola, to try to do other treatments, he claimed to have enough guts to taste it, including by way of spa treatments to try out the vagina.

"I still have yet to try. But I read in magazines and books he does good," he said. "For the women did have to clean the female. Perhaps for those who are already married though more yahud. Want to hell deh tried it but later when I have a husband," she said. For now, says Lola, he chose the treatment that was perfectly normal.

"Diligent, industrious change of underwear," he advised. Anyone else? "Do not wear underwear that does not absorb sweat. We recommend that cotton does. Keep going, do not use the frequency of tight pants. Not good for women," suggested Lola again.

Oh yes, another one said Lola, do not often eat foods that stimulate, such as salted fish and shrimp paste. Emang influence? "The doctor says it does influence." "Women are demanding tuh

Loose vagina, suspected cheating

STAY separately with his wife for four months to make this 35-year-old male suspect. ¨ It could be my wife having an affair with a man whose penis is bigger? ¨ he thought.
This man, let's call it X complained that his wife's vagina feels loose. About four months the father of one child, aged 3 years was separated from his wife. He worked in Jakarta and 32-year-old wife was working in Semarang.
The man who came home every month this was not as usual. His wife feels loose vagina during sex. When it says to his wife, the wife simply replied, ¨ Types of course! ¨ The man feels the situation is not as usual. The next day after complaining about this to his wife, the wife secretly herbal drink that is advertised in the newspaper.
When the husband asked why the herbal drink that? was the wife angrily said, ¨ As you say all sorts yesterday! Restless and not peaceful at heart, a man who has been fostering for five years the household was also asked Professor Wimpie and asked why she feels loose vagina, not as usual, feel tight? Is his wife cheating with another man whose penis is bigger than it has?
Here are answers submitted sexologist and specialist in andrology from the University of Udayana, Bali, Prof. Wimpie Pangkahila, Sp.And:
I'm not sure what you are saying is true, that the vagina become loose after his wife split up in four months. What you feel, I think it is very subjective. To be sure, the size of the diameter of the vagina is subject to change, including the result of sexual response.
When a woman has enough sexual response after receiving a stimulus, there was vaginal. That's when sexual relations can take place easily. Perhaps at this time that the impression you are subjective, as if the wife becomes more loose vagina, not as usual.
If the wife's sexual response continues, the next phase would occur on the outer third of the narrowing of the vagina. After that, if the sexual response continues, it came as a peak orgasm. It's funny if you suspect's wife having sex with another man whose penis is bigger than your penis, it's really ridiculous. That's not the right reasons.
Suppose, again if your wife have sex with other men penis size larger than your penis, it will not cause the vagina to be more lax. So, there is no right reason to suspect his wife having sex with another man.
If your wife then secretly herbal medicine was, in fact it is an effort that he could do to answer your complaint. Indeed, such a reaction is carried out by many wives in our country to answer the complaint husband, regardless of whether or not the efforts made.
Unfortunately, in general, the efforts are futile effort, because it is not clear what the problem is, and what to expect from such efforts. Not Understand Sex On the other hand, many men actually do not know about sexuality, with minor complaints are unfounded.
Husband is also very much in our country who have never thought about how her sex life. Many husbands are simply demanding that the wife is always ready to serve husband's sexual needs. In fact, so many are indoctrinated that a wife must always be ready to meet the husband's sexual demands whenever the husband wants, no matter if his wife also wanted it or not.
In fact, the husbands did not know or did not notice that she never expected to feel sexual pleasure since married, and even knows how long. More ridiculous, if it turns out the cause of sexual dissatisfaction is the husband and wife who experience sexual dysfunction.
Therefore, there must be good communication between husband and wife that lasted harmonious sexual life. Thus, it can be pursued with a way out if there are problems in sexual life.
I suggest you remove the suspicion that it's bottomless. Next you need to foster good communication with their wives, especially in sexual communication
Sources: Healthy Lifestyle

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