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Monday, March 26, 2012

Signs a woman easily seduced

 Each person would have had a moment of falling-up in finding love. Denied, disconnected, abandoned, we are naturally fair so that we can learn from the experience. In order to learn from bitter experience, you must be willing to forget the memories of men who hurt you that. Shay Williams, relations consultant, speaker, and author of Diva Do not Get Played! said many of his clients who do not want to forget the jerk who had filled their hearts. Instead of focusing on the poor treatment they receive, the more female clients want to remember the feeling of happiness heard the persuasion of the "Don Juan" is. From there, Williams studied why some women are easily seduced, and how the personality of these women are easily seduced. You have to recognize the signs if you are at risk included in the coveted ladies' men, and therefore more alert. A. Not satisfied with your life. Women who are not happy with work, family, or life as a whole, will be easily seduced as seducer man is able to fill the vacancy or take over your mind about an unsatisfactory reality by creating a fantasy. Fantasies that will get you no longer are in reality. Therefore, if you want to experience the love of a healthy, start by loving yourself and your own life. If you still experience dissatisfaction with something, change, and create the reality you want. That way, you will no longer easily snared enticements of irresponsible men. 2. Not happy at all times. Women are always complaining about everything will become easy targets of the seducer. With their seduction, you can forget for a moment of grief. Many ladies man who deliberately exploit victims of unhappiness, and said why do you need him, that is to get kegembiran. Life does happen to everyone, but with their seduction is you can feel the events in your life. Also that there is meaning that you can get, which can determine whether you are happy or not.
Always feeling sad is a choice, you can actually change when you change your focus. Learn to be more thankful; You can even start with a smile. When you change your perspective on everything, there will be more positive experiences you get. 3. You like to please others. There are some people who need recognition from others in order to feel satisfied with himself. Single women who experienced something like this will be easily seduced, because as soon as the seducer win her and then pulled out, these women will strive to regain the attention and affection. This kind of attention women are poisoning themselves, but denial is more unacceptable. As a result, it will create an obsession to feel "good enough" to be loved.
No other word to overcome this feeling, but began to learn to love yourself. Stop always trying to please other people who can not accept yourself as you are. 4. Nice to imagine. Nothing wrong with having the imagination. But when you believe everything you hear or see, and instead of paying attention to the behavior of a man, that's when you should be careful. A charmer plays a single woman's imagination, and create a picture of the future when you can have with him, without any tangible results at all. People wanted to believe in a fantasy, and what is said in them. We all need it, and wanted to believe in fantasy, when subjected to an unpleasant reality.
Stay alert when you date a guy like this, and do not ignore the signs that he had reneged on its promises. Focus on his actions, and not just listen rayuannya. 5. No confidence. Women with low self-esteem, who wants to feel loved and would do anything for love, will become an easy target for the ladies. The main goal is sex ladies, and so he got what he wanted, he would pull away and went looking for another victim. Sex can indeed provide a sense of fun, but sex will feel much more powerful if you do it with men who truly love and accept you as is.
Learn from other women who decide to have sex too soon, but with a man she did not intend serious. This will only create a sense dependent, bound, remorse, or fear of abandonment, which was then totally useless. Once again, appreciate and love yourself first. Give the best only in men who deserve it, that is your future husband.
Sources: Shine

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