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Monday, March 26, 2012

six terms of behaviors that reduce the desire on Facebook

 Each pair easily aroused but also easy to just lose the desire. Especially if you do this in six custom social networking sites like Facebook. Keep your behavior on Facebook so that your desires and he is still raging.
This behavior in Facebook that could dampen the couple's desire:
A. Leverage the former.
Actually not ethical if you are too frequent indulgence in personal stories on social networking sites, especially if you bring up the past, including a bad story with the former.
Indulgence in a bad personal experience with the former, will only lead to the impression of a childish and asking for pity. Anyone not comfortable paired with the complainer is not it?
2. Quasi-sexy pose.
Social networking sites are a favorite choice for photographs and images. However, if you are exposing a photo of yourself, especially with the quasi-sexy pose such as pursed lips will kiss someone, there will be an unpleasant impression. Expressions such as these lead to poor image of yourself. Although you think is funny or just pose for fun, nonetheless, a sense of humor like this do not deserve diumbar in social media.
3. Too frequent status updates.
How many times did you change your Facebook status? If you always change your Facebook status every 20 minutes, start to change your behavior. This behavior led to the assumption that you are obsessive-compulsive personal or you do not have anything else to do.
You seem as attention-hungry people, and do not respect privacy. This behavior is a judgment for the couple. Especially for those who are still in the dating stage. Could be he's a bad judge of you, think you can not keep privacy. This temperament as well as a pair ilfil against you.
4. Give a "Like" in all things.
You and your partner love each other and because of some common interest or a hobby, taste, or a similar view. If all the things you love, by giving "Like" on Facebook, you seem like the people who seek the recognition of self and not unique or even personality. Do not be surprised if later the couple away, because it did not find attractive side of you.
5. Have too many friends.
Have thousands of friends on Facebook does not necessarily indicate you smart hang out or socialize. Especially if your friends were not all you know, just simply add a friend to look cool. Including if you make friends with the parents or family of friends who are not too familiar with you.
Such behavior suggests that you spend too much time to explore the lives of others through Facebook. The impression that emerged later, you are the one who did not have a personal life or even have no other job more important, than just add a friend on Facebook.
6. Not separated from Mafia Wars or Farmville.
Nothing wrong with enjoying yourself entertaining games on Facebook applications. Fantasy is fun. But if you are addicted to the game are like Mafia Wars on Facebook or Farmville, time to correct myself.
Because if not, this game is no longer the entertainment but it has become an obsession. Especially if you then become asocial, transfixed with online games, and make you lose the ability to communicate and socialize face to face.
However, you need a pair of two-way communication, private, and with face to face. Is not physical attraction and sexual chatter originated from a warm, intimate familiar atmosphere plus a look?
Sources: Your Tango

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