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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

sprint exercise to burn calories

What are the most frequent mistakes people do when doing exercises to reduce fat in the abdomen?
The answer: Too much to do sit ups, but the lack of cardio training. No matter how hard the muscles in our stomach area, flat stomach will not if we do not eliminate fat deposits inside. Apply this exercise program: Within a week, doing high-intensity exercise three times, and two or three times a light workout. Respectively for 30-60 minutes, interspersed with reinforcing exercises the abdominal muscles.
Proved capable of running exercise on the body to burn fat 30 percent more than walking at a moderate pace. This is due to the foot has the most muscle fibers when compared with the other members of the body.
"When running, the body work harder to move than when walking. That is, the more muscle to work harder to burn calories, "says Cedric Bryant, PhD, of the American Council on Exercise.
Simply this: When running, we lift the entire body to move. While walking, one foot still resting on the floor and sustain our bodies.
To make the fat more quickly eroded and body fit at all times, there are other things we can do:
20 minutes of full benefits
Did not have much time to exercise? Not a good reason for missing a physical practice. Wayne Westcott, PhD, fitness expert from Quincy College, Massachusetts, say, 20 minutes a day was enough to get the healthy benefits of exercise. Use that time to train cardio and lift weights in turn. The details: 2 minutes walking, jogging, climbing stairs, or walking in place. Then, 1 minute to tighten the muscles, such as push ups or a flexed knee.
Scrape fat, strengthen muscles
Muscles can not turn into fat, because they are very different networks. "When we reach the age of 30 years, our muscle mass decreases. Especially when we have never done weight training, "says Westcott. As a result, our metabolism slows down to 3 percent per decade, so has the potential to add weight to 10 kg.
The easiest parts of the body that had been filled in fat is a strong muscle. For example, the back of our arms. Along with that relaxes muscles, fat cells is greatly increased. "Do the two types of exercise to prevent that from happening, ie, cardio exercise and weight training," she said.
Come on, plus expenses!
When it is appropriate to add weight training? Depending on our purposes. Dr. Bryant said, if we are comfortable with the current body condition, you should continue the pattern of practice that we are doing. "If you want to reach other targets, use dumbbells heavier than we've been taking. Also, added reps to be more than 12 times. "
However, remember not to over-train. Perform more reps slow, counting from 1 to 4 when lifting weights, and the count of 5 to 6 when lowered.
Not enough yoga or pilates
Yoga and pilates are not able to deliver maximum results if our goal increases bone mass and muscle. According to Michele Olson, PhD, a physiologist and pilates experts from Auburn University Montgomery, we have to combine them with weights. Here's tips: Each finished practicing yoga or pilates, adds a bit of time for weight training. Do as much as 2-3 times a week.
(Alia An Nadhiva / Lily Turangan / Prevention Indonesia)

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