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Friday, March 30, 2012

the story of a schoolgirl to be occupiers sexs

First, I wanted to introduce myself. I was a clerk in a private company known for before this he was full pemerintah.Kantor's corporate headquarters are located in Jakarta, but I work in the east. As an employee or manager is more precise, I was always the central office for attending meetings and other matters. Because too much time outside, I sense a desire for sex can rarely be met on time because of uncertainty. I honestly say, I'm a normal guy, if you see young children sikit wrote, I would like to have it inside out and everything if I could. I want to fly your own bird looking for a place bermain.Lebih more so if the girl even though she's still not a virgin anymore dah. My desire is rather more sikit. I will sometimes give up even his wife. Every day I want to play. The difficulty comes when the Japanese flag. It makes me look outside. And the story begins. I was a young clerk instead of what. I was very shocked when I heard the opposite moaning. Writhing as if from lack of experience. Can not control anymore. If it threatens to scream in pain again. Said the old folks. Eating crackers. This kind of experience that one. The time I got to attend a meeting tu headquarters. I sat Hotel Hilton. Sunday. Check in the afternoon. Tu night. Do not know what to do about it. I also eat field strip tastes. Walk jer. Close. Eat shock the middle dock. I terperasan any girl looking at me. He was paid to eat him. When I view. He smiles. And I will smile back at him. Seems kind of school kids anymore. Maybe the school near the city. Whispered my heart. He was wearing a red T-Shirt with white mini-skirt. Her thigh. Alamak. Really white. Certainly the best in the ni again. Whispered me again in conjunction with the 'bird' dah I tried to pack to fly. Because the people. I know there where her friend. Create a shame wrote. I will continue to eat. On the way back to a bus stop hotel.Ada near the front of the hotel. From a distance I look girl was sitting alone myself. There chan ni. Whispered my heart. I also approached the girl. Near wrote. "My sister who is waiting?" I asked. "Only je. Not wait for anyone", he said. "Why. Standing wrote. Sit la. My fear," he said again. Aah. Can ni. Whispered my heart. I took a passionate soul who first crossed his legs when open. He wrote just for that. Of street lights. I see her panties are colored black. I began to sit close to him dia.Dia introduce myself as beautiful. Just had an entry level four. The closest. And we started chatting. But I remember this. ayu said .. "Now the hard-ya ni Bang. All of hit disposable money". And he began to tell the problem to finance their education. "Now ni. Although there is an allowance. But only enough to use the levels are just" he said. I sympathize with him. But if you do not get anything. At least he can sense smell. I said to him .. "Types ni la. Come Brother" "Where Bang?", He said. "Come wrote," I said. We also shared entrance road to the hotel where I stayed with it. Up in the room. I continue to take beautiful entrance. Hotel rooms not large tu. High Class Hotel said. ayu excused to the bathroom for a shower because he had not showered. Ayu future son into the bathroom there is bath-tub is tu. I stop him. "Bath are both yes, Abang had not showered too ya ', I keep dah bluntly though I had a shower. "Shame la!", Said pretty shocked. "What shame", I say again that ultimately makes pretty quiet. Forced to agree. Shirt and pants and then I let go, as well as a red T-Shirt and Mini-Skirt ayu. I live in manager pants, bra ayu rarely lived with his pants in black. Wow, can not stand, I was almost dark eyes, amazed crazy. In the bath tub, because I hold the breast unbearable ayu is still wrapped with the lack of bra. pretty quiet, "Ee. Do not la. Malu la!", he said, lifting his hand brushed my hand. But not so. When my hands up yet. "Why, pretty?" I asked. "It's da matter, but his sense of another kind?", Said ayu. I'm getting excited, I slowly take off your bra ayu, he joined aja, until I see a pretty clear breast, winsome wah je. Cute. With nipple redness. Gorgeous and beautiful. I continued to caress, I knead a soft, pretty confused. Just lips are making a sound .. "Errghh. Aahh .." I grew up STIM, I kissed her lips ayu, we suck each other their tongue, while my hands busy playing in the chest ayu. Half the water in the bath tub. Agency I terlentangkan ayu. I lick hungrily beautiful breasts from the valley to the hill and took a left and right. My tongue goes to the stomach and began to fall down, I remove the panties ayu not any clothes to cover herself. "Aahh .. Eahahh .. Ahh, sseedappnnyyeerr", said pretty sizzling. I'm getting smart, hands playing in the crotch up to her vagina ayu. Ayu kept me kiss rub and rub my finger kularikan occasional 'rock permata'nya beautiful lips as he chewed. I started ghost finger into her vaginal canal, ayu louder sigh .. "Aahh .. Aahh .. Ergaahh .. Bang .. Bang .. Ahh .. Sick". I know it seems pretty new virgin anymore. I do not care, I continued to suck pretty lips, while Jari hantuku dancing on the edge of the milk, and of gemstones and ayu ayu was the climax for the first time. Ayu suddenly said, "ayu clay would stick to?" Without an answer from me pretty quick off my underwear and shyly I continue to hold the rod. Either spirits come out of nowhere. ayu. As a professional, masturbation and fondle batangku. "What if it entered the mouth?" ayu grew bolder. "Try the clay .." I said slowly ayu perlahan.Pelan I insert the stem into his mouth. He wrote continues to suck and suck. Suaranyanya still be heard, "Mmpph Mmpphh .. .." perhaps because he started to bite furious, I was shocked and kept kuramas-ramas breasts. He smiled shyly but I kept playing with sticks. When you want to climax, I pull the stem I and I spray it on the beautiful breasts. He said, "La. Why piss!" "This is not pee, it's semen la ..", I said. He nodded knowingly. Water, rubbing cum on her chest. "Jom. Main is real have. Can not!" I continued. "But pretty scared la!", Ayu answered back. In. "Are you afraid of. It's nothing. Experience for ayu", I said again. ayu who want to experience that never went through it continues to approve it. "Perhaps, but in the bed yes. Do not rough-rough tau". After that we were slowly walking alongside each other's arms to the bed. I kept lying on the bed covered with comforters. ayu sitting next to. Without thinking I pulled the body's pretty close to me. Gile. True, although his small but Montel and passionate. I continued to act, first with 'french kissing'. I began kissing, sucking, and biting his lip up pretty winsome Winnie back with itself. Our tongues repel. shortness of breath more and more beautiful. I lay on the right side ayu.Kami continue 'french kissing' with lust over my hand while spinning toward breast w. Ayu body continues to squirm, I nafsu.Aku growing slowly squeeze boobs ayu, from the bottom toward the nipplenya. Reddish Nipplenya still so hard. Hard breasts erect, occasionally I nipplenya pellet gently using the thumb and index finger. After that I started to suck and suck breast nipple ayu, he increasingly meghenyam-ghenyam .. "Aahh. Eaahhee .. Aahh ..", he said, pulling my hair. I can not stand, I bite nipplenya slowly getting stronger and he pulled my hair. "Aahh .. Aahh ..", he said louder. Then I turn the body to position 69, Winnie continues to welcome batangku and mengulumnya with lascivious. Meanwhile, I lick cipeep ayu, well perfumed. Perhaps the smell of perfume mixed with the smell of cipep ayu. As I licked, I played the game 'pearl'. Occasionally I try to insert a finger into hantuku. cipep ayu. ayu gasped and sighed loudly .. "Aahh. Pain Bang. Aahh. Slow slow ya .. Aahh .." as he chewed batangku stronger.
I feel like uprooted stems, strong kuluman ayu. I'm pretty open lips and kurapatkan cipet my mouth at him. I stick out your tongue into me while I crane fly back. After that, with me holding my breath for the middle cipet sedut ayu. Berdesit-desit sound. Ayu water into my mouth. Writhing like a beautiful body. Ayu suddenly hit cipetnya towards my face. His body was like a spasm and he sighed as if slowly and then grew louder ..
"Aahh .. Aa .. .. Hh Hh Hh .. ..", gasping for breath senal.
"One more session, ayu", I said.
I do not use condoms I know that pretty ni have never had sex. So I want him to feel the real macamana. Without a condom. Without wasting time I telentangkan ayu. His face looks a little tired. Berselemak mouth saliva and sweat water. I kangkangkan feet. Apparent 'seed klentit'nya with a winsome fracture. Fur there sikit but silky-smooth. Slowly I hold batangku. I stick close to him klentit seeds. For greeting sikit. I look pretty ni dah long groove rickshaw. At first I put batangku head first.
"Eerrhh ..", while holding my Ringik ayu.
When I press back again "Bang Bang .. Sick .." While holding his hand toward me.
I enjot slowly. I shake it sikit, make it round while I kulum tongue.
"Aahh .. Aahh .. Eehh Eehh .. ..", ayu sighed again.

ayu is macammenghayal. With a jerk. I press cipepnya. Chhess. Sounds like onions hiris taxable. ayu. Screamed. Ill he said. Sobbed. I do not pay attention he said. Batangku bury deeply. While tu, I kulum ears ears. ayu tickled squirm. The pain disappeared. I will first pull the sliding rod to me. Long sick of the word. Ayu rintian arise again.
Hand back a stroll around the beautiful breasts, squeeze and slowly stroked her tongue kukulum again. With three simultaneous attacks. ayu as memory loss. puff cipepnya worsen. Flounder beautiful body. After a long, strong suction kerana I feel that I'm going to climax. I drove enjutanku. And with one strong jerk, I stained the water hole azimatku cipep ayu. azimatku he feels too hot water. ayu once again flounder easement-sifter while sifting ponggongnya. meelek brake so that the deck is missing the black eyes kelazatan extreme ..
"Aahh .. Aahh .. Aahh ..", we said together after we both reached the peak of pleasure. After that, we fell asleep together on mattresses in the state of his back, exhausted.
"Tuberose is not it?", I said that continues to be recognized by ayu.
"It's nice yes. Did it work. Tuberose pulak tu. But feeling out of breath again la", said later, holding cipetnya ayu.
"Tomorrow, tomorrow gone la. Remove the odor added tu aja", I said.
I then pondered pretty smile, and finally also pretty shy smile. The time is twelve midnight.
Ayu then said, "Dah dah ni through. Tomorrow there pulak college".
Then he got up. And headed to the bathroom. I also mengekorinya. In the bathroom. We help each other help. Soap lather. I'm pretty flush rod and I rubbed her cipet. In him I ramas-ramas rod. I wake up behind bars.
"Want more ka". Ayu said.
"Ahh Ahh tu lo", I said. But he quickly replied.
"Tomorrow pulak yes. Later. Pretty angry father pulak. Home late at night"
"Okey. Promise you. Tomorrow we'll see you had a place waiting for ya ', I said to agree.
"Okay", she agreed.
After freshen up, ayu back to the home. Before her return, I want to give her RM-RM 100 but she refused.
"Tomorrow aja lah. Ayu believe ama Brother", he said.
I stayed that night in memory of an exciting event. And I remembered that I also have some important business the next day. . I will continue sleeping bertemankan delicious rounds in my head.
I never thought that I would be able to enjoy the delights of playing along with virgin virgin girl as beautiful. I hope, will feel the beauty of the beautiful experience of a night so he ketagihnya and come to me.
To be continued. . . . . . .

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