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Thursday, March 29, 2012

stress will go to jail in place umumstre ngesek Chinese artist

Guise of Art, Associated Artists in front of the Intimate Public - Because of the action showing how sex is beautiful and good, an artist in Songzhuang, east of Beijing, herded into prison. He was jailed and had to undergo hard labor for a year.

  Cheng Li, the aging artist's name, the act of intercourse with a woman in front of several people at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Songzhuang. In its action, entitled Sensitive Zone, Cheng with his partner naked and demonstrate how to have sex.

Cheng obscene immediate action controversy. But, through his lawyer, Cheng defended himself by saying cabulnya action was part of the performing arts. According to his lawyer, Cheng did it for two reasons, namely the first to mock the people who are too commercialize contemporary art and second to show the beauty of sex and raise the activity to a higher level, which is not dirty, ugly, and evil.

  But, the reason it was unable to make peace police. Four days after the action was obscene, Cheng was arrested. He is accused of making noise and public disorder. He was detained in detention centers in Tongzhou, near Jiangsu, eastern China. He also may be subject to forced labor since 24 April last year, which ends March 23, 2012. Cheng plans to appeal.


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