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Friday, March 30, 2012

Success to Make Pasta Sauce

 Bechamel sauce or white sauce is one of the basic sauce used as a complement to the enjoyment lasagna, pasta, cream soup, and more. Bechamel sauce, including the most easily made. This sauce is made from a mixture of butter, flour, milk, salt, pepper, bay leaf and nutmeg powder, mixed together until thickened.
In order to taste more delicious, and the texture is soft, it takes some special tricks to make this sauce:
A. Avoid lumps of flour
One of the problems often experienced when making this sauce is lumpy flour. So as not to clot, avoid using too much flour as compared with the butter. "For example, the use of flour is 100 grams, then it should be 150 grams of butter," said Chef of Mono World Gourmet restaurant, Kemang, Jakarta, in the event of Healthy Cooking Session, Thursday (3/22/2012) ago.
2. Make sure the butter is melted
So that the texture is smooth, then before adding the flour to the pan, make sure the butter is in the pot was already boiling and melting all.
3. Flour must be cooked
When wheat flour is cooked, the sauce produced will have a less pleasant aroma and still smelled of flour. In order for flour cooked evenly on all parts, do not put flour gradually. "Shortly after all the melted butter, put flour all at once, stirring rate with balloon whisk," he said.
4. Enter the milk in stages
The opposite of flour, fresh milk should be included gradually. It aims to remove the lumps of dough, and facilitate the mixing process.
Preparations are now typical Italian food has become a favorite of many people. In every restaurant, you will be able to find a selection of pasta as one variant of the menu. You also may often serve it at home as a menu mainstay for the family. In addition to its easy processing, pasta is also a safe choice for children, because they generally would like it.

4 Facts About Pasta

However there are many interesting things about pasta is not known by many people. Here are four of them. Try to see!
A. Fresh, not necessarily better
"Pasta is fresh, new alias is created before processing, it is second to none," said Domenica Marchetti, author of The Glorious Pasta of Italy. However, he added, not that fresh pasta is better than dry. So, actually two types is the same as well. In fact, the dry pasta can be counted more economical than making your own. However, according to Marchetti, you need to be more careful in choosing the dried pasta. "Brands that are less qualified to produce a paste that 'soft'," said Marchetti.
2. Understand your pasta
If you are going to make fresh pasta at home, use the following two devices to be successful: food processor and freezer. "The more often make, the more you know the type of dough is well recognized. That's the key," said Marchetti. The use of a food processor to save time and still produce a pasta dough is soft. Meanwhile, if you do not want to process them immediately, store in freezer. "The most secure is still making pasta dough before it is processed and do not save, because there is a possibility it will not even pasta can be cooked because it is no longer feasible," anjur Marchetti.
3. Pair with the right sauce
Some people choose whole wheat or pasta made from wheat to benefit healthy. However, you need to know, this kind of pasta can not be combined with any sauce. A somewhat chewy texture not suitable when added to the sauce of tomatoes that are soft. To that end, Marchetti encourage you to memadankannya sauce with a more "serious", such as a cream sauce.
4. Pasta cooked to match any style
Starting from the Italian-style processed to be made into a substitute for Chinese-style fried noodles, pasta still good. In addition, the pasta can also be paired with any type of meat, from beef, chicken, processed by the sea. Now how do you dig the creativity to create your typical pasta dish!

Pasta Cooking Tips

To prepare a pasta meal, an important one in the dish is a flavor sauce. However, it's been a lot of ways to serve pasta sauce, even many bottled pasta sauce that can be bought, just add a little spice, finished. But the hard part is preparing for the pasta served with a fitting. Here are tips you can do to make your pasta served perfectly.
- Make sure you have enough water when boiling pasta. Pasta needs a lot of room to move when boiled. Make sure the water is in a state truly boil before adding the pasta.
- You can add a tablespoon of oil into the water to make sure that you boil the pasta does not stick to each other, but the tips are not mandatory.
- Adding salt to the cooking water is also an option. Doing this will add a savory flavor and helps the sauce is absorbed better when pasta is cooked.
- Boil one kind of pasta in one pot stew. If the pasta in a different shaped boiled together, maturity will not be maximized. Each time the pasta has cooked differently. Make sure the fire in a state of being.
- Pasta should be tender but still solid enough to be bitten (this is called al dente). If you cook the pasta is more than this level, it can still be eaten and enjoyed. However, it would be soggy and quickly torn apart. When you are not sure, try to lift a sheet of pasta to taste before actually lifting it.
- Strain the cooked pasta to the bowl-shaped filter. Rinse again with cold water if you want to get a cold pasta. Starch in the outer portion of pasta will help to absorb the sauce better. When you flush again your pasta, the starch will be lost.
- To give a flavor, add the sauce, vegetables, or cheese on your pasta. You can also add chicken or other meats prepared with roasted or grilled. Try to add flavor by using shrimp.
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