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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

These 4 Unique Accident Due Too Have Sex Lust

Excerpted from The Frisky, the following four unique story that caused so excited to have sex;
These 4 Unique Accident Due Too Have Sex Lust;
A. Deafness Due to Kissing
Kissing is one of the most common way of foreplay. But be careful, a kiss that should arouse your sex drive can actually cause a disaster. A woman from China had to be rushed to the hospital because of loss of hearing in his left ear while kissing.
A kiss is too excited, can break the eardrum. Cause, the kiss reduced the pressure on the mouth, thus pulling the eardrum out and caused damage to the ear. Deaf from kissing, usually only returned to normal after two or three months. Although kissing is normally very safe, but doctors advise not to give too much pressure while doing so.
2. Paralysis Due to kiss on the neck
Women have been reported from New Zealand came to the hospital with a paralyzed hand. Doctors who examined him and discovered that he suffered a mild stroke because of a kiss on the neck, so anxious than their partner. Having explored further, it found a blood clot in an artery in his left neck. This is due to suction is too strong, giving rise to physical trauma. As a result, a bruise in the blood vessels.
3. Swallowed condoms
Condoms should be a 'safety net' during sex can cause harm if not used properly. As experienced by a woman in India, he had a cough and a fever that never healed. Although he was given antibiotics and drugs, his condition continues without a known cause. Later found, cough and fever was caused by a mysterious condom lodged in his throat for six months. Condoms are sucked when he had oral sex, without her knowing it.
4. Missing Memory
A 59-year-old woman from Washington, suddenly felt confused for no reason and can not remember anything. After her husband was taken to hospital, the woman was diagnosed with Transient Global Amnesia disease (TGA) and the cause is sex. Quoted from detikhealth, TGA is a disease of memory loss or amnesia that is triggered by a factor of sex.
This disease does not show any symptoms. However, TGA symptoms usually appear after a strenuous, such as sex, excessive exercise, immediately immersed in cold or hot water, doing heavy work or even shake his head. TGA is indeed a rare disease, but often occurs in older couples.

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