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Friday, March 30, 2012

uniqueness of Cooking Rice

Indonesia rice for a main meal. Rice from white rice and typically chosen more fully consumed after steaming. In the hands of celebrity chef Rachael Ray, rice can be raised in a variety of cuisines. Rachael was able to transform rice dish flavored in China, Japan, Mexico, or India. Taste is more intrigued by the varied menu of rice of different kinds of rice available.
Choose brown rice instead of white rice
Version of the rice is very popular and easy and quick cooking. However, the nutritional value of white rice is still little more than brown rice.
Brown rice is more nutritious and higher in fiber. Rice from brown rice longer than white rice. However, talk sense, richer brown rice. If you want to diet, brown rice is always present in house dish.
Rachael can turn plain white rice into the main ingredients to make burgers. White rice is not only eaten whole as it is, but varied in a special dish.
Arborio rice
This kind of rice from Italy that used to make risotto. Risotto is found in Northern Italy, which is rice cooked with broth to give a creamy taste. Fluffier rice grain rice has a larger and round when compared to local rice.
Basmati rice
Basmati is long grain rice from India that contain low starch, very fragrant and appetizing. By using Basmiati, Rachael cook stoup (a type of soup, only thicker) to be more tasteful.
Rice Pilaf
Rice pilaf is a staining technique with oil or butter to make it more brown before cooking it with water. This type of rice can be served with vegetables, sometimes with pasta or spaghetti, even toasted almonds. Cooked by Rachael Rice Pilaf with spinach and cheese content.
Replace rice with orzo occasional
If you get bored with rice, though it serves a varied menu as Rachael, just select the orzo or pasta. Substitute rice pasta is also tempting.
It's Him: Buffalo Marrow Rice

Exploring Banten not feel complete if it has not felt the rice marrow. There are several sellers of rice marrow fractions in West Java province. One of them, Puri marrow. The well-known shops in Metro Manila has been there since 1941.

  Marrow was taken from the name of the castle owner's name who was called Mang Puri. Currently the store is still operated and managed for generations by his son Ari.

  According to Ari, who is principal of the marrow is used. Ari claimed never to use bone marrow as a cow. From his experience, beef bone marrow just often shrink when steamed.

  In contrast to bone marrow buffalo. Moreover, bovine bone marrow after a long time to melt and mix the rice out of the marrow to make the rice taste evaporate.

  "Sometimes the buyers know that if we use beef marrow. He said it was really another Mang, buffalo marrow emang not wear it," said Ari.

  Currently, the price of 1 kg of buffalo marrow Rp 40,000. Every day he spends at least 4-5 kg of buffalo marrow bone marrow to make rice. With that number, Ari require between 10-12 kg of rice.

  "Though rare buffalo marrow," he said.

Fortunately, Ari has had a subscription from the abattoir in Rau, Serang. If you're unlucky, apesnya he can still get 1 kg of buffalo marrow.

  Until now Puri marrow already has four branches in Metro Manila. Not only that, Puri marrow is also listed as a record breaker because Muri never make rice all the marrow of seven yards on the anniversary of Serang, in 2008.

  Marrow rice delicacy that was already recognized a lot of people. Not only common people, famous leaders had already been enjoying rice marrow in this shop. Call it the band Slank, Peterpan, also Atut Banten Governor Ratu Chosiyah Hj. (Dian Anditya Pearl)

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