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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Vulnerable adolescent HIV / AIDS

 Based on data from the case of PP and PL Director General Ministry of Health until the end of March 2009, people with HIV / AIDS in Indonesia has reached 23 632 cases. Increasingly vulnerable young age is the age of 13-15 years.
"At this age people who are infected with HIV / AIDS is increasingly young, there are 12 years has manifested itself. However, the vulnerable are 13-15 years old," said Dr. Yanto Sinaga, volunteers from the Indonesian AIDS Foundation (YAI), in talktainment in SMK Diponegoro I, East Jakarta, Saturday (12/9).
He said the HIV / AIDS patients aged 5-14 years and 15-19 as many as 166 people amounted to 495 people. With the acceleration of Indonesia, including countries with the most common Vietnam, India, and Thailand.
Most cases occurred in eastern Indonesia, whereas in Java is not too severe when compared to the eastern part of Indonesia. Most of the patients infected with HIV through injection drug use and promiscuity. "Syringes are used interchangeably drugs and unprotected sex is the main cause of the rapid spread.
Dr. Yanto assess, in the number of teenagers affected by HIV / AIDS has nothing to do with moral decline teens. The cause of the increase is that technological progress is not matched with the supervision and mentoring to youth.
"The technology is now more lenient, teen surprised by it. They discover new things such as pornography because it is not provided on the matter, they are curious and try," he said.
Furthermore, he said, to prevent the increasing number of adolescents who are exposed to HIV / AIDS, there should be sex education early on. Children and adolescents need to be equipped with primary and secondary education about their reproductive organs.
"Sex education is not just for those who want to marry, but also children and adolescents. With so they are well equipped and is expected to reduce the growth of HIV / AIDS among adolescents," he advised.


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