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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Was the danger of swallowing sperm

Is it dangerous to swallow sperm? Can oral sex performed more often? Is it true that most men like to do oral sex? Read the answer in this article.

Like the missionary position, oral sex may force included in the classic style of sex that has been known since ancient times. Well done to please a partner or as a variation to overcome boredom, oral sex as much fun. But not a few women who are reluctant to perform oral sex for reasons of shame, disgust, or fear of danger to health.

Performed oral sex on a penis is sometimes ends with ejaculation in the mouth to swallow sperm. This is not something dangerous. Sperm itself is one of the male sex organ product (testis) whose condition is very clean and sterile, as long as the couple were not infected with venereal disease. In fact, there are experts who say the sperm contained a number of good protein.

Each of the activities of sex should be performed to the satisfaction of both. So no matter if carried out with frequent oral sex, as long as you and your partner enjoy it. In pregnant women sex style can also be done, for female and male reproductive organs in good health.

Perform oral sex you can also choose if you want to quickly reach orgasm. Massage and warm sensation that is felt in the clitoris is guaranteed to make you 'explode'. So do not hesitate to ask the couple to take turns performing oral sex.

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