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Monday, March 26, 2012

What is G-SPOT

Basic knowledge about sexuality is very important as adults. Among others, so do not get caught up in myths and false opinion about sex is very much in circulation, even among doctors.
"I was a teen age 21 years. I've read that the same receptors in women with men, the most sensitive is the clitoris and G-spot. Sorry, what was called the clitoris and the G-spot? Please explain because my knowledge of sex is still lacking.
I grew up around the anus feathers, is it fair? Does hair grow on everyone, including women? Whether the women also grow hair on his cock?
I also want to know, whether allowed or berpengaruhkah when we kissed and licked her genitals, while having sex (I've read, even biting)? "
Y., Garut, West Java
Importance of Knowledge
Your question regarding the basic knowledge about sexuality. It has been many studies that demonstrate sexual knowledge society, including youth, lack of or incorrect.
The problem, of sexual behavior among young people in particular, has changed, resulting in a gap between the knowledge of the behavior. Especially in our society a lot of myths circulating about sex is very misleading and harmful.
In fact, not the least among the educated, including doctors, who do not realize that the information conveyed is actually just myths about sex, not a truth.
As a result there were many issues related to sexuality, it can even lead to death. For example, the mortality experienced by a civil servant in Jakarta some time ago, after receiving an injection in the penis in order to increase its size.
This example clearly illustrates how myths about penis size is still strongly embedded in people's minds. On the other hand, there are citizens who use public ignorance to profit by offering in ways that are not scientific.
1/3 Outside
In women, like men, sex is a part of receptors, particularly the clitoris and G-spot. The clitoris is the female gender is virtually identical to the penis in men.
Located at the top of the outer genitals, at a meeting between the two big lips. The clitoris can be seen from the outside, especially in a state of erection. It would be more obvious if you look at the picture genital anatomy.
Unlike the clitoris that is visible from the outside, the G-spot can not be seen from the outside because it is located on the front wall of the vagina 1/3 the outside. G-spot is not a specific organ like the clitoris, but rather an area of ​​the vaginal walls are packed with sensitive nerve endings.
Like the clitoris, G-spot stimulation is a sensitive part as well. Both the receptors are indispensable for women in sexual relationships, to be progressing well and satisfactorily.
The G-spot stimulation can lead to erotic sensation that is felt more strongly than clitoral stimulation.
Male Female Same
Pubic hair will grow in men and women after reaching puberty. Similarly, the hair around the anus can grow, both men and women.
Regarding the oral stimulation of the genital or oral sex is commonly called, can only be done if a husband and wife really wanted and felt good for both sides. Of course, both parties must be in good health, not suffering from venereal disease.
In the bond of husband and wife, in fact the couple is free to all variations of sexual activity and sexual relationships, provided to meet the three conditions, namely the desired joint, please both sides, and no adverse consequences both physically and psychologically.
If variations in sexual activity and sexual relationships that will do not meet the three conditions, it should not be done. For example, only one of the parties so wish. @
Answered consultation Prof. DR. dr. Wimpie Pangkahila Sp.And

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