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Monday, March 26, 2012

When the man felt Orgasm

 Many women who really enjoy their partner while the expression of an orgasm. Why is it that the expression of a man could be so loose? What they really feel when you're reaching the top? Do we experience the sensation is different?
Orgasm in men is actually shorter in duration than women, but more intense, and usually only happen once per session. While women, if it gets stimulated, it could have multiorgasme with a shorter recovery period.
When he was reaching a climax, he releases the hormone that makes the drive drowsy, such as norepinephrine, serotonin, oxytocin, vasopressin, nictric oxide, and prolactin. This led him almost impossible to not feel sleepy after sex (do not wonder men fall asleep after that).
What he perceived as an orgasm, consider the recognition of four men:
A. Brain freeze, then everything becomes clear
Andrew (30), a computer programmer, said that during sex it feels like being in a trance state, or unconscious. Physically he was there, but her mind wandered to the sensation of pleasure. However, it all happened a little while, and difficult to explain as well as orgasm.
"After that everything makes sense for a few seconds only. As if I could see everything clearly for the first time. To me that's the great thing about the orgasm, the moment afterwards," said Andrew.
2. Transmit energy to the pair
Male orgasm can also be different sensations, such as whether done through masturbation or with a partner, according to Adam (27), set designer. Masturbation does not have to orgasm for him, but when having sex with a partner, the sensation is almost spiritual.
"I feel like sending me to the core of one's soul," he said. "It felt like sharing with a person's energy. In the position of someone so close to us are in a very fragile period."
3. Intensity varies, depending on how long it last
The most intense orgasms, according to Paul (23), an actor, after he had reached its limit, and stay a while. "The difference it feels when you just let yourself loose when the first impulse, or trying to maintain that feeling. I feel a million times more tired after I quit, rather than still continue," he explained.
4. Sensation in older women, and perhaps better
Willy (26), a copywriter at the advertising firm, acknowledged that ogasme in men's shorter than the female orgasm. The sensation is not too eforik. "My partner seems to have orgasms in a slow wave. Men do not like it. We had a very intense urge for 3-5 seconds the second, then the rest of our body such as numbness. It feels good, but I think that women experience better," he said .
Sources: Your Tango

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