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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Who actually have an orgasm first

Who actually have an orgasm first? Actually this is undisputed as the most important, both parties can be mutually satisfying. However, the couple understand each other, generally preferring to reach orgasm when his wife first. "You see, when man first orgasm, her partner will be difficult to 'catch up'. To begin with, must from the beginning again and take a long time," said Dr Ferryal Loetan, ASC & T, DSRM, MKes (MMR).
Besides, he added, a man of understanding is usually already know the specific techniques that can inhibit ejaculation in order to reach her first climax. "He could estimate how long it should wait for his wife prepared, when the right time to spray his sperm, and how many times he wants to satisfy his wife," he said. Unfortunately, not every man has this kind of expertise.
But, do not be discouraged if you do not already have a partner. With a relatively simple exercise, the couple can also be proficient, really, in control.
Ferryal advice, the men can try Kegel exercises, the exercises that can strengthen the muscles around the hip. How, then resist the attraction for some time the muscles in the penis as if you're holding discharge of urine. Contraction exercises of this kind was long ago introduced to the woman's genital area to train flexibility. By strengthening the muscles of the pelvic floor, both men and women can organize their muscle strength and ability to "grip".
Men can be set when the right time to ejaculate. However, through trial and error through their personal experience, couples can also, really, create new forms of specialized training for that purpose. While the sexual gymnastics are now mushrooming in the studios, according to Ferryal, more precisely describe the movement teaches that sexual intercourse did not give many benefits.
Create a special rituals
For example, shared bathroom, or bedroom set by presenting a romantic atmosphere. It could also be a wife waiting for her husband got home from work wearing a sexy dress or a husband's favorite fragrance. But, certainly not making it up, but the spontaneous desire together. Special rituals, according to Ferryal, very good if done can be categorized as foreplay or after play. "Kan, baseball should proceed with intercourse so that it can be done anytime," he said. Is not only a romance could also strengthen the bond of love a husband and wife?
Powerful drugs to help an orgasm?
So, you know, is often heralded for advertisers medicinal products specifically for men. In fact, when examined implies, these drugs are more supplements in the form of vitamins or certain minerals that aim to make the body healthy. Likewise jejamuan containing earth peg, ginseng, black pepper mixed with eggs and honey. So, baseball is no relation at all with achieving orgasm.
More precise, said Ferryal, egg yolks and honey high in calories and nutritious black pepper blood flow. By taking drugs or had jejamuan regularly, of course, helps keep your body to stay fit. Well, the body is very fit, plus baseball is the burden of stress, will increase libido. That is why, anjurnya, live healthily in order to produce a good sexual life.
"Food should be well nourished, avoiding or at least manage stress, get enough rest, and exercise regularly," said Ferryal. In a healthy body, there is a healthy sex. If the body sluggish, yes, how would an orgasm?
(Tabloid Nakita / Julie / Th Puspayanti)

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