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Sunday, March 25, 2012

The woman sighed raises Passion Sex Men

PARIS, Having a seductive voice that is not necessarily an attraction for women to seduce a man. The study, published Biology Letters, a journal published science de-facto academy of the UK, the Royal Society says that men are captivated by the clarity of the message expressed by the words of a woman.
The higher the tone of voice that was created when women communicate their feelings, the higher the attractiveness of a man. The study is the result of research British scientists are in line with previous research which suggests that the higher tone of voice associated with the average age and fertility among women.
Research was conducted by asking the responses of 30 men who played sound recordings of four women aged around 25 who expressed the phrase "I really like." The research participants were asked their opinions about the attraction posed entirely of sound recordings without looking at the way the four women are women.
It is known that when the tone of voice recording is slightly raised his voice when played back, the higher the resulting appeal. However, when men study participants listened to recordings of the same woman's voice and called the phrase "I really do not like you," they are not enamored with the sound, regardless of the high-low tone of voice.
Researchers in this study mentioned that a clear verbal instructions is one of a set of signals sent by a woman to captivate a man. Other decoy signal is smile, eyes, and the clashing views of the stunning facial expressions.
Benedict Jones, a professor of the University of Aberdeen in Scotland who led the research, said the clarity of the message that women need men of a residual evolutionary manner. "This business requires a certain allure, entice real," says Benedict Jones.
According to Jones, in matters of creating attraction, ignoring the clear intent of the heart is wasted work and time. In other words, the beauty of a woman not a guarantee of attraction for a man. "Cook, anyway?" (AFP)

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