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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Women try to Orgasm

- The whispers in the locker room or in the pantry when her coffee break at work often throws a fact: many women who have never had an orgasm. Often they try to accept that inability to think that it is a form of service to her husband. There are also women who continue to experience an orgasm failure due to lack of courage demanding their rights in sexual life. Anyway, keep harmony of married life, and has resulted in healthy children.

Whatever the reason, women have been encouraged to understand that orgasm is just a "bonus" of a sexual life. However, Elizabeth Lloyd, a professor from Indiana University, revealed that the orgasm is not just a "byproduct" of a sexual relationship. In his book, The Case of the Female Orgasm: Bias in the Science of Evolution, Lloyd analyze 21 theories related to the issue of female orgasm.

According to one theory, the bonding require sexual relations between men and women. Orgasm will bind the couple emotionally, so they are more likely to pursue a role as a parent. Another theory says, the contraction that occurs during orgasm will pull the sperm into the reproductive tract and bring it to the uterus. Thus, orgasm is actually related to a biological female.

Evolutionarily, female orgasm is also considered important. Therefore, women also want to have sex because they enjoy it. The more they enjoy it, the more frequent sex will do. Result, the more likely they are to get pregnant and have children.

Even if sex is done does not make conception, orgasm is still not viewed as a "bonus". Orgasm is not always important, but achieving this is what makes sex more enjoyable.

       Female ejaculate, like what the heck?

 "My friend told me, when you're having sex with her ​​husband and reached a climax, suddenly a kind of fluid out of her vagina. Fluid, he said, pretty much, do not look like urine and does not smell, but my friend was embarrassed for her husband. My friend do not know if it's actually a liquid. When searching for information on the internet, he found the so-called 'female ejaculation'. is female ejaculation is, Doc? not only men who can ejaculate? "(Delvi, via e-mail)

According to Dr. Ferryal Loetan, ASC & T, SpRM, MKes (MMR), Sex & Rehabilitation Consultant Specialist Clinical WIN, ejaculation does occur only in males. At that time, it is the discharge of semen in which sperm alias contained many seeds of man. Amounts can be hundreds of millions of men that could lead to a healthy pregnancy in women.

Well, if that happens is the discharge in women, especially (I say especially) during orgasm, it is often referred to as a Squirt. At the time, that comes out is not urine (from the bladder) nor semen (because there are only semen in men).

The liquid produced the glands that surround the vagina. Squirt can occur multiple times in one period of sexual relations. The numbers in a single spray of course vary in each woman. There are only a few, and even some that very much.

If that's the case, your friend will not be ashamed. He would be proud because there are not many women like that. Once again need to be convinced that it was not urine (from bladder). Discharge was always as a broadcaster when the woman is having an orgasm. If the liquid out is not the moment of orgasm, most likely in the bladder muscle is weak.

       How Can We Know Who's Orgasm?

 Sexual health issues do make a lot of people curious, as to the most fundamental problem is still frequently asked. Experts suspect this is because many people still do not receive reliable information.
Lissa Rankin, MD, an obstetrician and midwifery, said that many young women that sexual knowledge was minimal. He often traveled to conduct lectures, and each time received a lot of questions that are so simple. For example, how to know that they're having an orgasm?
"Believe it can not, but that's the number one topic that is always asked," said the doctor who is also the author of What's Up Down There? this.
His partner, Debby Herbenick, PhD, sexual health educators in the Kinsey Institute, Indiana University at Bloomington, supporting the statement Rankin. He guessed it was because an orgasm is something that is rarely addressed by a young woman, even with his own friends. Because, they are worried about the questions that will make their presumed incompetence of lovemaking.
"I've counseled women aged 23 years who claimed to have never experienced orgasm, and want to know what was wrong with her, because her girlfriends say always reach orgasm every time to make love. But often, they just lie to one another," says author of Read My Lips: A Complete Guide to the Vagina and Vulva this.
To answer the curiosity of these young women, Rankin will usually say that we need time and practice to know that we're having an orgasm. In other words, he encourages the women to wait until the right time when they are mature enough to know it.
"There is a difference between the pleasure of being intimate with someone, and the pleasure of orgasm," he said. "When you experience it, you will definitely know."
Still curious? Naturally, because what women felt during orgasm will be difficult to explain to those not yet sexually active. As suggested by Rankin, maybe you do have a lot of practice first with her husband. Condition, your husband was willing to help you meet those needs and curiosity.

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