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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The men certainly very often see slim beautiful models

The men certainly very often see slim beautiful models in all media. But you know, the average dress size for women getting bigger every year, this time we will showcase some of the models and also attract beautiful women in the world who have large body sizes.

1. Tara Lynn

Model size is never a cover of Elle magazine in France. Such a beautiful picture above. This beautiful woman caused uproar in the fashion world. Lynn has a dress size 18 to size of the UK, and ekitar 14/16 for the size of the U.S..
2. Justine Legault

Originating from Quebec, Canada, Justine Legault made ​​the world a model uproar last few years. He has the height 5'9 and wear a size 14.
3. Christina Mendez

Made history in the modeling industry by becoming an ambassador big models featured in fashion campaigns Christina Mendez made ​​a name more famous.
4. Barbara Brickner

Has maintained a modeling career with a magnitude up to the age of 10 years, he also includes a model with a large size is often a lot of designer wear, especially for the Italian company Elena Miro, a solo career in 2000, Bricker fashion house named BB melucurkan magnitude and sold department stores throughout the U.S.
5. Silvia Rho

Korean-American descent has a high 5'10 and size 16 clothes. He also has a signature with a modeling agency.
6. Anansa Sims

Comes with a natural beauty that already exists in itself, once mother is supermodel Beverly Johnson, and he was the first woman on the cover of Vogue America in 1974.
7. Natalie Laughlin

Model ukuran besar pertama yang berada di papan iklan ‘Times Square’ ini mempunyai tinggi 5’9 dan memakai baju dengan ukuran 12 sampai 14.
8. Ashley Graham

Models with large body size is indeed known as a lingerie model and its size is at the shop 'Lane Bryant'. He's 5'9 tall and her dress size 16.
9. Kate Dillon

One of the first supermodel to have a large body size, Kate Dillon also included in People magazine and got 50 beautiful women in 2000. Dillon had time to become anorexic during her teens.
10. Fluvia Lucerda

The Brazilian model was once a baby sitter in New York City, then he offered to be a big model of a magazine. Lucerda now has become an international model.

source: great body, beautiful

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