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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Successful Beginning Of Dreams

Successful Beginning Of Dreams

Who says women can not be so successful at the same time taking care of household business? The proof, following 10 women are able to fly the flag of the business and happy family. Who are they?Nadia Mutia, Kloom ClogsHobby shop women it can also make money. Mutia is Nadia Rahma, the woman who started the business by making wooden shoes called Clogs Kloom. Proprietary product design, made himself because his love of the design since childhood.Venture capital wore obtained while working part time in Japan, armed with the money he developed a business slippers that fit and comfort. In addition to creative, women born June 12, 1989 is always mengungkulkan quality in the products it makes. All the materials he uses is the material of choice and be done with caution.Efriani Lucia, Coconut CharcoalBecause nature has provided all that man needs. That's at least a figure of English graduate of the University of Airlangga creative thinking. Through a coconut shell wastes are easily found everywhere, Lusia memandatangani cooperation with Chinese companies to become suppliers of coconut charcoal.This may sound trivial business, but demand for coconut charcoal is increasing new job opportunities for 300,000 people.Aldila Rizqi Eistya, from Cardigan to the JumpsuitAnd once again shopping hobby that can be developed into a promising business, Aldila, 22-year-old woman seemed quite carefully assess the needs of the market. By selling a collection of Muslim fashion and branded clothing teens Back to Basic, Aldila reap substantial profits.These products are not the product of outside, but the products are made with his brother Hayatun Nifa Rilla. Each of these products are sold starting price of 200-400 thousand dollars in the boutique House of Dinah in the way Gejayan, Yogyakarta.Leni Mangiri, patchwork batikUshaa batik may not be familiar business in Indonesia. However, the difference this time is, batik fabrics batik fabric used is not intact, but a patchwork batik. The results of the waste pieces of batik cloth is transformed into a variety of beauty products such as bags, blankets, pillowcases, bedcovers and others. The advantage, the resulting product still beautiful and the selling price is much cheaper.Susanti Alie, chili sauceSauce, hmmm ... it seems the food is not complete if there was no sauce. Perfecting dishes like spicy taste and increase appetite. From there Susanti Alie start his business. Starting from the rented land next to the house with less than 10 employees, it produces drinks lemonade and chili sauce branded umbrella. Fight against the rumors that use chili sauce ingredients and fresh unhygienic, Susan created a quality product labels and compete with market prices. Until now, the business continues to grow and has been marketed throughout most of Indonesia."Starting from a dream that is supported by the intentions and actions, the woman was a figure of independent entrepreneurs and brilliant."Wendy Yap, Sari RotiSari Roti ... Sari Roti bread ... who is not familiar with these crisp jingle? In a housing complex, a large supermarket to shop, this product is easy to find. Behind the success of this bakery products, there is the figure of a woman named Wendy Yap who masterminded the successful product Sari Roti. This company is one of the companies with the fastest revenue growth in Asia.Ir. Hartati Marzuki, an ornamental plant businessInterest and love of flowers led to the idea of ​​making the plant business. Activities to maintain and care for this plant is a fun activity. In addition to relaxation effects, the benefits to nature is also quite large.With the support of friends and companions, Hartati finally opened the ornamental plant business. Pembiakannya products marketed through a store named Ray Re & Nursery.Evi Indrawanti, organic palm sugarWant to bring the palm sugar is more practical and hygienic, Evi Indrawanti organic palm sugar to create a product that has a high nutrient content, as well as hygienic. Until now, the product of palm sugar is not very popular in the market. In fact, palm sugar is more nutritious than sugar cane. Through the Joint Forward CV Diva, Evi sugar products to market and distribute health information required by the community.Susan Budiharjo, the world's fashion capital IndonesiaOften dubbed the world's fashion capital of Indonesia, Susan Budiharjo spawn works brilliantly through fashion products made. Collection of clothing range from the classic to the simple.Since childhood, his love of drawing a figure pushed him realize the dream of a world-renowned designers. Not just content as a course designer, Susan who had tasted the majors at the University of Tarumanegara arsitektus also founded a school to share its knowledge to the young designers Indonesia.Dyah Purana, Kane KaneWant to create a healthy snack, without preservatives and non MSG, pushing the figure of Malang people is to produce chips of oyster mushrooms and tempeh fungus.Dyah experimenting with snacks that are popular in his native city. From the results of his experiments, not just chips and oyster mushrooms it produces ordinary tempe chips, but chips with a variety of tempting flavors. Kecintaaanya against the city of Malang began making a name Kane Kane. With the initial idea of ​​good words are packed with typical walikan Boso Malang, the name of Kane Kane made.

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