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Monday, April 23, 2012

Secrets of the thinking man

Apa sih maunya?

 To understand the mind of a man, we need to know what is actually happening in their brains. Not only that, we also must recognize that the hormone testosterone, it also affects their behavior. Here we share 10 secrets about what is in the brain of this whiskered creature.A. More emotionalReally, men are more emotionally mature than women? Yup, although it is our people who are usually considered to be more emotional, but research shows that boys were much more emotional and expressive than female babies. Adult men also have a strong emotional reaction, but it is only real when they are unmindful of what they feel and do not keep their reactions, so says a study published in Scandinavian Journal of Psychology.2. Easy to feel lonely"Loneliness can indeed affect anyone, but older men are the soft targets," said Dr. Louann Brizendine, author of THE MALE BRAIN. When old, men usually do not keep hanging out as much as the women, making it easy for them to feel alone. Married and living with his wife could help, because stable relationships tend to make him more healthy, long life, and rarely stressed.3. Focus on solutionsWomen are much more empathetic than men? Hmm, it seems Dr. Brizendine did not fully agree with the idea. Because the system is empathy in the male brain does not give the same response as well as women. The men tend to be happy and focus on solving problems rather than show a sense of solidarity.4. Spontaneously against womenBesides often associated with aggressive and belligerent attitude, testosterone also affects libido is the mustache. Pranjal Mehta as a social psychologist at Columbia University and his team found that these hormones make men ogle spontaneously at the sight of beautiful women, but also quickly forgotten when they no longer see the woman.5. DefensiveDr. Brizendine says the brain 'defensive' men more than women. Therefore, they will desperately to defend when something threatens the lives, relationships, and their territories.6. Who's the boss?"The hierarchy that could make men jittery blur," said Dr. Brizendine. However, a clear leadership structure as in the military or office for example, can reduce testosterone levels, and so is their aggressive nature. Men need to know clearly 'position'.7. Unlike the young, the old time also vary"When I was young, he usually likes to compete to get their status or partner, but when growing up, they are usually able to cooperate with each other," said Mehta. These changes seem to be affected again by testosterone levels. Higher levels of these hormones, the higher a man's desire to compete, and vice versa. According to a study published in the journal Hormones and Behavior.8. Father instinctThe best man to enter the brain in a matter of months before the birth of her child. The shadow children make it to be prepared to be a father, and this influences the hormones in the body, making increased prolactin, and testosterone fall. So says a study released by the Evolution and Human Behavior.9. The instinct to playAnd, having had a son, a father also has a different play instinct with his mother. Their games are usually more spontaneous, rude, and likes to tease. Plus, it makes children better prepared to face the rigors of life. Another study revealed that active fathers tend to have lower testosterone levels. That's good!10. Want to get married tooUnfaithfulness is one of the nature of man before he reaches the age of 30, according to a study published by the Proceedings of the Royal Society. After that, he could focus on providing for his family.In addition, a 2008 study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science says that due to genetic problems, some men have trouble with the name of commitment. Men without 'intercourse genes' are likely to have the desire to get married. Who says that only women who menghauskan marriage? Men also tuh ... (VEM / meg)

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