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Friday, April 13, 2012

16 JFW Designers Kebaya Crowded Stage First Day

So lekatnya kebaya Indonesia in public life, I wonder if we think that the kebaya is the work of the people of Indonesia. In fact, if traced, were pieces of clothing kebaya also found in other parts of the countries of Southeast Asia. Depending on the location and the surrounding culture, this dress also has a variety of modifications to the model. Interestingly, no one has claimed that it belongs to a country kebaya. Perhaps because of his tracks are widespread in Asia, so it is difficult to find the roots.
But, however, we can see so many dress kebaya in our social life. The length of the history of clothing in Indonesia, Jakarta Fashion Week organizers (JFW) 2010/2011 decided to give an appreciation of this beautiful dress on opening night that took place on Saturday, November 6, 2010.
A total of 16 designers and a number of museum collections on display at the main stage kebaya JFW. The designers include Adjie Notonegoro, Afif Syakur, Anne Avantie, Ari Seputra, Edward Hutabarat, Ferry Sunarto, Ghea Panggabean, Harry Dharsono, Lenny Agustin, Marga Alam, Musa Widyatmojo, Priyo Oktaviano, Raden Sirait, Ramli, Suzy Lucon, Widi Budhimulia, and several collections of the Museum Afif Syakur. Their designs held in the show entitled "A Tribute to Kebaya".
Petty S Fatimah, as Chairman of the event JFW 2010/2011, says that the theme Styling Modernity is defined as a modernity in accepting the trend, which did not have to leave the roots. "We must have identity. One is through the kebaya as interesting to explore. What is known as one of the national culture. Kebaya last 5 years is quite popular and evolved into a lot of spectrum. Form was started away from the 'grip'." Therefore, JFW asked the designers had chosen to make a kebaya that represent them.
In interpreting the kebaya, the designers, fashion observers, even though fashion lovers can look different in kebaya. Somebody tried to keep the grip, as Edward Hutabarat which is known attempts to follow the grip, but wrap kebaya with modernity. "Kebaya it should be symmetrical, simple, and harmonious. Modern kebaya? That's not modern blouse, but the mindset of the users. What is important is simple, quality, and wrapped with identity," said the owner of Part One of this label. That night Edward kebaya designed to demonstrate a casual dress, such as resort, paired with palazzo pants from batik.While Anne Avantie, which is known to change kebaya into various forms, from glamor, asymmetric, and so forth, bring kebaya design is very simple without many frills.
"We want to ask the designers memerlihatkan kebaya design standard are appropriate in their eyes it looks like. Through this event also, we want to show the cultural riches to enter the modern fashion, the young able to look back, what we as a nation's wealth," lid Petty.There are many ways for someone to interpret the kebaya. There are many ways to assess a person's kebaya. There are many ways to love the kebaya. To be sure, as the designer and the "fabric handyman", Obin Komara, "Kebaya exists everywhere. However, through his eyes, kebaya is here to stay."
KOMPAS.com - Kebaya-style seems to have become part of the women of Indonesia. In the past, the kebaya has become everyday wear. Had, clothing occupies a privileged position, he was only charged for events that are formal and important. Growing, kebaya is also made in various shapes and worn at will and as needed.

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