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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Unique Facts About Kissing

However, behind the convergence of the two lips into one, stored some interesting things that you need to know.A. A kiss is not just about "chemistry"In kissing, you do not just need a great and exciting process for you. But, it helps if you and your partner think more of comfort with each other. As reported by iVillage, the kissing should be done with additions like the game of your hand. When you do kiss, put your hands on one part of his body gently. This does not make him feel just kiss you, but your sincerity through the touch of a hand.2. The kiss comes naturally, but ...Right if you say the kissing occurred in accordance with our intuition as human beings. However, for the sake of pleasure is different, it's good for you to develop a bit of kissing your way. You know, kind fellow chimpanzees kiss up takes about 12 minutes. On the other side, giraffes kissing each other with the process around the neck area. Things like this that you can possibly make as a small lesson in the process of your next kiss.3. Kissing can increase sexual arousalAccording to the advice kama sutra, the movement of the lips to the entire body can increase a person's passion in sexual intercourse. When you explore certain parts of a person's body, then this will provide a high level of comfort to him. So, learn more, part of what your partner wants to touch your lips soft.4. The kiss had happened centuries agoOf ourselves, of course the question could arise, since the customary kiss when it's done? Estimated from the initial kissing on the mouth of someone chewing food. When a premature baby who was not able to chew food, there arose a mother's desire to chew and feed it through the mouth. It was then, arises a sense of attachment and affection. Thus, this process was implemented in the people around him until now. Of course, the practice and its revolution is happening now been changed.5. Is it universal kiss?Did you know that up to now few tribes in North African countries felt that the kiss was a disgusting thing. The way they show affection also tend to form unique. By licking one's body, or even hit the face of a lover prior to intercourse.6. Eskimo kissIn fact, in Eskimo, people rarely use the kiss as a sign of love. Most of them rubbing noses with each other to express their feelings. No one knows why this is done by them. Another way is also done by sniffing the face of someone they love to better understand each other. However, this custom is still valid for them until now loh.7. First kiss always be the firstMany people who agree with this opinion. The first kiss is done by a person will be remembered throughout time. Because, at this phase a person familiar with the meaning of love behind the convergence of the two lips together. The process is both a beginning time he understands the passion that comes when kissing do. Thus, the first kiss can be regarded as the first study which will always be remembered in someone's mind.8. Men prefer the tongue gameNot many know the reason why men prefer kissing using the tongue. Some women may feel disgust, and strange with this game. But this is what happened. Men tend to prefer to do something new and more challenging. Tongue kissing game at a time when his mood further improved. They felt was an adventure with something in front of him. Thus, the game can be approached her tongue parts other than your lips.9. Great sense of a kissAs a woman, of course, we will be cautious in giving a kiss to someone. In our hearts, the question of 'whether he was the only' are raging in your mind. Meaning of kisses for a woman is very deep and large. In fact, the research proves, (sorry) of seven from three-PSK is never to kiss the lips and mouth to its customers. It is obvious, how a woman to appreciate a kiss as a sacred thing that is given to someone who means something to him. Unlike the men, the men are not too concerned with the profound meaning of a kiss. Even of they do this process just for the sheer satisfaction. This sometimes makes a person feel free to tell how sincere his girlfriend in kissing. Hmm Watch out gals!10. A kiss can make ketraumaanWould you believe, the beginning of a bad kiss can make a person reluctant to do it again. When someone is having a bad thing when kissing like being bitten, then this may lead to fears of this problem again. Thus, for those of you who have never kissed, it's good to start with an easy first step. Do not rush to follow your emotions when kissing.11. Kissing, long-term relationships recipeIf you and your partner begin to implement the activities of kissing a well organized, you can bet you will have a harmonious relationship. Kissing it has become common for couples who want the durability of the marriage. With a kiss, you can enhance your partner's passion and spirit. Do not forget to kiss your way to the creation of a unique process. This will keep you feeling fed up with kissing.12. Scent while kissing? must!There is a case in which a person feels uncomfortable with kissing her partner posed as aroma. For you, we encourage you to scent the body and your mouth before kissing. This is admittedly a simple, but it will make your partner feel more passionate later.13. Red, making you more attractiveIf you're entice someone to smooch with you, wear red lipstick on your lips. The red color tend to have a sense of daring, but in addition, red also has a burning sense of spirit. Imagine, with a bright red color on your lips, who is not the spirit to taste it?14. Kiss addictiveDo not deny this statement. Just admit from the start you do kiss, you already feel the pleasure that keeps you hooked. Do not be shy, this is a reasonable thing experienced by all people in general. Process that seemed exciting kiss between you and your partner, it makes you want to try again with different styles.15. When drunk, kissing would be more excitingWhen someone is in a state not fully conscious, kissing is a very exciting thing for him. A person who is unconscious, it would not be able to stem the overwhelming desire in him. This, too excited and make it hot when you're kissing.16. Kissing can be heartbreakingChocolate? flowers? jewelry? Which one you choose when your lover gave it as a sign of apology. Nothing is more exciting than a kiss. When someone is angry, things meluluhkannya is a gentle kiss. Research has shown that women who are angry, can only be healed by a gentle touch. Women do tend to be rather angry for no apparent reason, however, they do this to get attention from her boyfriend.17. Kiss was never a case of ancientWho says a kiss is no longer an interesting thing in today? Until now, a kiss is still plays an important role as a sign of two people who love each other. The magnitude of the taste and desires arising from the kiss, the kiss never made sense to fade in the public eye. A kiss can be an experience, learning, and beautiful gift for the two lovebirds are in love. (VEM / io / bee)

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