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Monday, April 23, 2012

The age of 25 became the first pole for a woman

The age of 25 became the first pole for a woman. After this age, you have a person who is really expected to have grown up, mature in relationships, career and personality. So what you need to know to deal with it all? Here are 25 things to know before you are 25 years old.A. Relationship because of the need will never be a true partner.2. Never sleep with make-up still attached to the face.3. Usually always annoying roommate.4. Sex can make the relationship better, but not everything.5. Fashion trend does not apply to everyone.6. Drop the selection of the men who remained loyal when you do a lot of mistakes.7. Do not spend too much of everything for education until you know exactly what you would do.8. No problem to say how you want to be touched by the couple.9. Each person will experience a crisis in his life, and take it easy, because it's only temporary.10. Everything changes once you live together.11. Finding people who understand you it's 'almost' impossible.12. Plan for life in general are not necessarily shared by everyone. Work-married-have kids, not necessarily all the way.13. Be careful of what you will do and say immediately after a breakup.14. Caring for a healthy and beautiful hair to be more interesting than changing your hair color.15. Friends problem, better quality than quantity.16. Regular exercise will make an impact for your life, as simple as any exercise you do.17. Learn to use a lingerie will make you feel like a real woman.18. You can never really understand the opposite sex.19. Calculate the calories you eat food that it is useless!20. Bleaching or tanning the same is not good for you, enhance what you have are the best.21.Dengarkan your instincts. Clever-clever you are, and how old you are, always instinct is never wrong.22. Learn to accept your body and your beauty will be a powerful force for a woman.23. Do not rush to say 'we'. You should not lose individuality even seemed to have found the one.24. With a man who opened the car door and bring your groceries is a lot of fun.25. Laughter brings togetherness. This applies to any relationship, with anyone. (VEM / miw)

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