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Saturday, April 14, 2012

5 Concerns Ahead of Labor

Pregnant women often have a fear of pregnancy, the fetus, up to delivery. Instead of waiting for the presence of the happy baby, the mother actually owned the real worry will only add to the tension while undergoing labor.
If pregnant women are concerned, it is worth identifying immediate concerns and seek solutions. Concerns arise during pregnancy because the mother is too much to receive and absorb information without filtering it, or because it is experiencing emotional problems such as anxiety or panic, but also because of lack of support from the people closest to during pregnancy.
Dr Ridwan SpOG of Kemang Medical Care Hospital explained that there were five concerns that are often experienced by pregnant women. Usually arise from the fear of getting into ahead of the trimester and labor if the concern is not resolved properly.
"Everyone will be different fears. Because every individual needs to identify her fears and find solutions. As well as support from husbands, parents, law, and medical personnel necessary to add confidence to the birth mother. By overcoming fears, she became more calm because there is solution of his problems, "said Dr. Ridwan told Reuters after the launch of the book Female Mommies Pregnancy Daily Checklist by publisher Fruit Heart, at Women Wired Weekend activities, fX Lifestyle X'nter in Jakarta, Saturday (02/25/2012).
Dr. Ridwan mentioned the five fears about emerging labor in pregnant women, while providing a solution how to solve it.
A. Pain. Pregnant women often worry about pain during childbirth that he heard from other people's experiences or conversations with the people around him.
2. Including the birth canal laceration suturing process. Stories of experience tailoring process pascabersalin obtained from the people around him also make a pregnant woman to be worried.
3. Failed to give birth to normal but with a c-section. Pregnant women are also worried that if I can not give birth to normal (vaginal) as expected due to certain conditions. So that required him to undergo a caesarean section.
4. Lost control when the process of childbirth. Another concern in pregnant women include loss of control in childbirth. For example, fear of screaming during contractions or bowel movement during delivery.
"All these things are normal, including if a bowel movement during delivery, no need to feel awkward or uncomfortable with a physician or other medical personnel. So things like this do not have to worry about," said Dr. Ridwan.
5. Baby's condition. It is also feared ahead of the birth mother is the condition of the baby, whether born normal or have health problems as well as various other things.
According to Dr. Ridwan, the birth of your baby properly monitored by medical personnel. So, no need to worry too much.
To address the concern, Dr. Ridwan recommend that pregnant women are also people nearby to do some things:
* Find reliable sources to distinguish the facts and myths about pregnancy and childbirth. If well-informed pregnant women, childbirth will be easier to pass with high confidence. Confidence in pregnant women is a reduced sense of fear.
* Avoid chat, tontotan, or reading stories and information that there was no positive effect on pregnancy and childbirth. Politely convey to others who are being told negative experiences during childbirth because it can provide negative suggestion to the mother.
* Support from husband, family, parenting, including physicians and other medical personnel is required pregnant women to boost his confidence.
* Give your fears to the doctor and those close to you. If fear of caesarean section for example, tell your doctor that you want natural childbirth. Even if later on the condition do require you to caesar, you are more easily able to accept it and live it without fear.
While the other fears such as pain, also need to be submitted to the physician. That way the doctor can help you find solutions. Is it really necessary to epidural during labor. You can also find out various information about hypnobirthing, gentle birth, or other relaxation therapies to address these concerns.
By identifying and communicating issues, concerns can be reduced. "Doctors can help with this communication. Good to recommend an epidural, hypnobirthing or other solutions that make mothers more calm because it was already found a solution," he said.

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