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Saturday, April 28, 2012

one method, teach the children to build confidence with people

Parents often feel at a loss to cope with their child who has a shy nature. If it always helps the child to overcome the fear and embarrassment when meeting new people, you are certainly concerned about the development of social life in the future. In addition, children will always depend on her parents. Shy children tend to limit their experience, are not required to take social risks, and the results they will gain confidence in social situations.However, there are several ways that parents can do for your children feel more comfortable in groups, the practice of social competency skills and made him a shy child.A. Use eye contact. When talking with children, make it a habit to always use direct eye contact. Unknowingly, this will strengthen the confidence of children. Eye contact when facing the other person will create confidence for someone. However, if the child is uncomfortable when making eye contact, teach him to speak, looking at his interlocutor's nose. With this exercise several times, over time his confidence will increase and this technique is no longer needed.
2. Teach conversational opening and closing. Make a list of words to open and close to various groups such as, people who have never met, people who are well known, a new friend, and others. Then train them to talk face each other with various types of the other person who may be encountered. The ability and courage to train directly with the speaker will be much more successful to reduce the embarrassment of children compared to the talks on the phone.
3. Trained in a variety of social situations. If you happen to attend a less formal and are allowed to bring a child, take him in the event as well as train it to eliminate the awkward and embarrassed. Prepare the child to deal with the event by explaining the situation which is likely to occur, as well as the people they would find, to what you expect from your child. It aims to make it comfortable and more familiar with the situation because it shows the kids will be more comfortable and more daring when they already know a place and the event in advance. Then help him to practice when meeting new people, know the table manner, conversation skills, to say goodbye.4. Practice with younger children. Philip Zimbardo, a psychologist who often deal with issues dealing with shame, to recommend a way to overcome shyness in children. How to classify children with a shy child whose age was younger. Indirectly they will start a conversation and instinctively will make them more confident because she feels more mature and able to protect her younger siblings.5. Use the "one on one". Dr. Fred Frankel, a psychologist at the UCLA Social Skills Training Program, suggested, to overcome shyness in children, use the method of one on one as a way to build social trust. This is a method you invite another child to play with your child for a few hours. It is intended that they know each other, and do various activities to enhance the ability of friends.* Want to know the problems of working mothers, style and maintain fitness tips, read Lipsus Working Mom.Sources: GALTime

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