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Sunday, April 22, 2012

woman angry at her boyfriend

In the world of romantic love women are more gentle and caring.
I wonder what makes him insensitive sometimes when you are around the woman he loves. Often they are considered the same as other friends, and special treats his girlfriend do not expect his girlfriend would always know the road thinking.However, he should really look at the fifteenth of the following that can not be said of the lover. Why? Because of you, sweetheart, is the one who should be SPECIAL in his heart, and also treated preferentially."You're not as pretty as the other woman, but I chose you?"Ok, can understand the real meaning of this sentence either. But hey, any woman who does not want to be treated special and be the No. 1 in the hearts of the man she loved?"You like ..."Already ... is ... miripkan memirip self-sufficient with neighbors, relatives, especially the former. No woman, especially one who was flattered when dimiripkan with the former. Similar to a grandmother or mother does, is still acceptable, but similar to the former? Oh come on, guys. We are better than that!"You would be more beautiful if ..."Guys, women need to praise, not criticism. Sebagaimanapun criticism was sweetened with words of love, still it would make her lose confidence. Criticism is right for a woman is praise, praise when she was beautiful to look at it. Then he will understand what to do."Oh ... yes she's beautiful"Free man praised another woman in front of her male friends, but not in front of her boyfriend. This is a very ... so ... prohibited. Remember, women want to be No. 1 in the hearts of men adored."My mother said, you had better ..."Hoho ... if allowed to be honest, the prospective in-laws could be said for her enemies in the blanket. Meant no harm and bad thoughts, but his mother is 'other woman' that no one in his life. Who have a sense of possessiveness for pregnancy, childbirth and rearing, but then as an adult, his love would be given to another woman, that her lover. So, criticism positifpun will not sound sweet and still be jammed in the liver."Your brother is a jerk!"Never criticize let alone blasphemy of a family member. Whatever mistakes have been made, the family blood ties are much stronger."If you really love me, you have to ..."Ah, love does not need to be proven under the conditions that are really just silly made-up only. Everyone has intuition unconsciously felt, whether in love or not love is sincere. And what good does love as evidenced by one or two things, it can be obtained as proof of a lifetime."You were really the same like your mother"About this a compliment or a satire? Mostly, it sounds more as a satire."I'm want to be alone ya, ya do not disturb"Do not be bothered? Hey, is talking to who are you? In the so-called boyfriend but it bother? Guys, you are in a trouble! Indeed, sometimes we want to be alone and reflect on everything that happened, but you can tell in a more sweet and not offend a woman right?"We have to diet deh I think ..."Weight, is a scourge to many women. Often the fear of fat to make women so afraid to eat this and that. Which is according to his loss. Even if you gain weight and need a diet, better go ask a woman exercising. Action is better than thousand words."We're broke!"No! An adult male who did not say the word 'end' to her boyfriend when she was emotional. If a problem occurs between the two, then the path is the most mature and wise to agree with. Instead of shouting the last word, especially one-sided only."Like any man who likes to have me?"She was beautiful. And all she was beautiful. If one man does not treat a beautiful woman with a good, then there will always be another guy who will treat him much better than him."Well you where can you?"Belittle someone else already is a mistake. Moreover underestimate his own lover. Though perhaps he had no more capacity in a case, it does not mean one can not learn to know. Clearly, a great willingness to make someone able to accomplish anything he wants."You must have more PMS!"Not all men know exactly what it is PMS. Most of them know when PMS is a woman becomes emotional and irritable. And PMS is often regarded as one of the reasons for women only. But the fact is, knowledge about STDs is a shallow man. PMS, pre-menstrual syndrome occur at least 7 days before the menstrual period. Not only are the emotional changes experienced by women, but also pain in the waist and breasts harden. Men do not know about it right? Emotional changes are not merely angry easily, because at that time was a woman so much more sensitive. So, it's not just a woman's reason alone, guys."It's a man, you will not understand"Once again, women underestimate is not wise. Keep in mind, that woman is the search of info and have a great curiosity. In positive terms, women are more patient in learning new things, including things in the world of men.
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