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Thursday, April 12, 2012

8 Myths Pregnancy

Although there was funny, even absurd, but there are women who believe in a number of myths related to the activity of these pregnant women. Doubtful if the mother during pregnancy with a myth, it could not hurt to ask directly to the doctor to confirm the extent of the truth. Here are some of the myths that often circulate in the community. Didi Kusmarjadi doctor, SpOG, from Tanjung Uban Hospital, Riau Islands province, to explain the facts of the myth.
A. Pregnant woman dressed like that babies born to women definitely.When pregnant, expectant mothers to be like grooming or otherwise, actually more because of the sheer desire. Yes, anyone wants to look beautiful, some are lazy bersolek.Yang obvious, sex is actually determined by the father's chromosomes. When the X chromosome from the father's sperm meets with the X chromosome from the mother's egg, the baby girl ascertained. However, if the Y chromosome from the father's sperm meets the egg cell of the X chromosome, the baby was a boy.
2. Pregnant women should not wear nail polish and hair painting.Actually, nail polish can not penetrate the nail, then there is no medical reason to ban it. If this makes pregnant women feel more beautiful, please just do. About hair dye, partially correct. As with food, pregnant women should avoid contact with chemicals, including hair dyes. However, if all natural, never mind.
3. Not safe if the pregnant woman to swim even a shower or bath.There is no medical reason for pregnant women to not be enjoying the bath. Except when the membranes have ruptured, see a doctor immediately. Another fact, swimming is a great aerobic exercise. Good for the body to maintain muscle strength in general.
4. Pregnant woman eating a plate of fetal life can be great. When a large spoon, a tiny baby's lips will not.Actually there was no relation between the feed using a large plate with the "risk" of the fetus so great. Perhaps the concern is when pregnant women eat with a larger plate so unwittingly eat more servings. As a result, excessive food intake. When that happens, the fetus may be too large. Mother actually consume the recommended servings of foods with little but often and not forgetting a balanced nutritious diet.
Regarding the large spoon will affect the baby's lips, it actually has nothing to do, too. Shape of the lips and other organs of genetically inherited follows the father, mother, or a combination of both.
5. Pregnant women lift clothesline, fetal umbilical cord can be wrapped.The truth, lifting heavy items, of course not recommended for pregnant women. It is feared that if he is too tired will affect the fetus in his stomach. Theoretically speaking, if the fetus is active, the umbilical cord would be long and gives the possibility for entangled.
6. Having sex can harm the fetus or the fetus's head is dirty due to exposed sperm.Sex while pregnant will not hurt or harm the fetus. Keep in mind, there are seven layers of the stomach, uterus, amniotic fluid and amniotic fluid, so that the fetus is protected from shocks. Similarly, sperm can not enter into, and the fetus because of the amniotic membranes. Bacteria are smaller can not get through, let alone the fact that sperm size is much larger than bacteria.
7. Close the hole, like an ant hole, can complicate the delivery process.Certainly nothing to do. Medically, launches the birthing process relies on three Ps, namely power, passage, passanger. Size of the baby (passanger) is not too large so that it can through the birth canal (passage), but it needs to be supported contraction (power) in order to open the birth canal.
8. Taboo if pregnant women prepare baby supplies in advance or before birth.Setting up the equipment for the little guy really needs to be done before birth, so that pregnant women do not fuss. May be in installments. Beyond preparing baby, pregnant woman and her husband also needs to prepare for delivery of funds.
(Tabloid Nakita / Hilman Hilmansyah)

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