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Friday, April 20, 2012

This feeling usually comes after the holiday

By: Team DuniaFitnes

Bad mood or a bad mood so excited of course never hit anyone. This feeling usually comes after the holiday is over. Exacerbated if the next day and must return to work and wrestle with all the busyness that drain energy.Poor mood will certainly impact on the productivity of labor. You do not want this to happen is not it? Well, to return to improve your mood, there are a few tips to resolve, namely:Tidy up your BedStart the morning with my bed. My bed earlier will help you relax after work faster later. Without having to make the bed first.Bring GiftsBefore leaving for work, a time to bring food such as fresh fruits. By noon when the energy begins to decline, the sensation of fresh fruit will restore your energy and concentration.Clean Work TableClean desks of all waste that can disrupt your concentration while working. Clean and tidy desk will give you positive energy.Listen to MusicSome studies say that by listening to music at work can reduce stress and improve mood. Obviously with the selection of music appropriate to their needs.Breathe in the scent of LemonA Japanese study says that, in a lemon linalool are substances that are useful as anti-inflammatory and helps relieve stress. The smell of herbs such as basil and lavender also has properties similar great stress relief.Do StretchesYou do not need to do yoga at your workplace. Just do gentle stretching of your seat. The trick, stretch your arms straight up or forward for a few seconds. This exercise will return the blood circulation and make you come back refreshed.Breathing ExercisesSimilarly, stretching exercises, you can do this exercise from your chair. Take a comfortable position, eyes closed, take a deep breath from the nose, then remove from the mouth slowly. This exercise is very effective and can be done at any time to eliminate stress.Prioritize the most importantWith so much work piling up, you simply record the sequence of work what to do first. Finish one job before starting work on the other, so that your concentration is maintained.Let's fix the mood for better work productivity. (VEM / bee)

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