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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

beauty. Behind the body begins to develop at puberty

For some women's breasts is considered to be the crown of their beauty. Behind the body begins to develop at puberty, it turns out there are a number of unique facts and lesser-known people. Want to know more, see this article:A. Left breast is always greater than the RightRelating to Position the human heart, pumping blood into the left breast more so this section grow more rapidly. This makes the left breast bigger than her partner. Nevertheless, generally the difference is not too obvious.2. British woman has Average Breast Size Largest in EuropeThe survey of the famous bra manufacturer, Triumph, showed that more than half of British women use the bra with a cup size D. This puts British women ranks first in Europe in terms of breast size.3. Breast is the first thing that Recognise Men of WomenThe research results of Victoria University of Wellington showed that the breast is often the first thing most viewed and most old men. In addition, other studies show breast for a few minutes to see men's health improve and extend up to 4-5 years old. Wow ...4. Men also can secrete milkAlthough this is a rare case, but a small number of men can produce milk from her breasts. This occurs due to hormone therapy in cases such as cancer.5. An American NGO Struggle for Women's Rights for ToplessNGOs 'Go Topless' campaign for the rights of women to topless (not cover his upper body) in public. According to them, men and women should be protected the same right to bare breasts everywhere. Every year, they were bare-chested action simultaneously in the crowd points at any given time.6. The world's largest chest size is 38KKKA woman named Sheyla Hersey Brazil was awarded by the Guinness World Record as the largest women with breast size. After nine surgeries with more than a gallon of liquid silicon, the size of 38KKK breasts reach. Big as what?7. Can Increase Breast FatBreasts consist of fat, mammary gland, and collagen. The presence of collagen to form dense breasts and sturdy. However, as we age, the glands and collagen shrink and be replaced by the fat that will constantly increase. This makes the breast will decrease and the density decreases.8. Bra Studies Program in ChinaHong Kong Polytechnic University to open a special program to learn about how to design and make a bra. Some time ago, the students showcase their designs at the ACE Style Intimate Apparel Institute of.9. Cosmetic Surgery Breast Implant is the largest in the U.S.More than two million U.S. women have been doing breast implants. It makes the breast enlargement surgery to plastic surgery procedure performed by most U.S. women. The number of breast surgery to beat the implementation of changes to nose surgery and liposuction. The average age of women who had surgery was 34 years old.

source: sky berita.com

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