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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

who became rich due to divorce in the history of Hollywood

about 9 women who become rich due to divorce, especially in Hollywood! A marriage made ​​in order to unite two people for eternity. But if deals with celebrity, divorce can happen at any time. Because of anything related to a famous person can turn into large, as well as the issue of divorce.

Here are 9 ex-wife who become rich due to divorce in the history of Hollywood.

  1: Jerry Hall (Mick Jagger's ex-):
Mick Jagger, singer began dating Hall, at the same time dating Bianca. After a strange combination and get some children, the couple finally married in a traditional Hindu ceremony. Their marriage lasted nine years. In the end when the divorce, Jagger claims that their marriage ceremony invalid and Hall claimed her husband had an affair with a model called Luciana Gimenez has produced an illegitimate child. Hall also openly about their addiction, addicted women Jagger and Jagger loves her addiction. In this Hall to get a divorce child custody and divorce dole U.S. $ 25 million.

2: Diandra Luker (ex-Michael Douglas):
Douglas and Luker married just a lapse of six weeks after their first meeting. However they can last for 23 years in marriage. Douglas Uprise liquor habit and pursue her so often in the news. The couple finally split in 1998. In this divorce Diandra Douglas dynasty in the form of a son and a divorce support money worth U.S. $ 45 million.

3: Diane Richie (ex-Lionel Richie):
Lionel married Diane in 1995 and they divorced in 2004. They had one son. When the divorce, divorce Diane demanded money worth U.S. $ 20 million. The cost of clothes worth U.S. $ 15,000, the cost of a manicure, massage and other body treatments U.S. $ 50,000 per month. And he also asked for the operating costs of U.S. $ 20,000 a year.

4: Heather Mills (ex-Paul McCartney):
Sir Paul met with one-legged former model is currently campaigning charity, she is reminded of the deceased wife and his own idol Paul Mills while still a child. Their four year marriage ended very badly. Various media reviews and child custody battle merwarnai their feud. These musicians created a broken heart and Mills bagged dole of U.S. $ 38.5 million and child support worth U.S. $ 70 million per year.

5: Linda Hamilton (ex-James Cameron):
When James Cameron, director of TITANIC TERMINATOR star was married, Hamilton. Hollywood expects a fairy tale in this marriage, but unfortunately their marriage only lasts for 18 months. Of a troubled marriage that they have one child. In 1999, Linda getting a divorce support half of the profits TITANIC, ie U.S. $ 50 million.


6: Cindy Silva (ex-Kevin Costner):
The couple met while both were in college. Their marriage lasted 16 years and produced three children. In 1993, rumors began to spread Costner calls involved an affair with co-star. Then Cindy filed for divorce and get custody of their third, so she got a divorce dole worth U.S. $ 80 million

7: Amy Irving (ex-Steven Spielberg):
Steven Spielberg married an actress, Amy in 1985. They divorced four years later when Amy left the only son of divorced them and ask for a guarantee of U.S. $ 100 million. Although Spielberg struggled to maintain his property, the judge ruled that the premarital agreement letter written on a napkin is not valid and there is no official witnesses.

8: Juanita Vanoy (ex-Michael Jordan):
Famous basketball player Michael Jordan, met with bank officials in Chicago in 1989 named Juanita. As soon as they met, turned to Mrs. Juanita status. Jordan. But apparently their marriage could not last forever. The couple only lasted for 18 years to have three children. With revenue of U.S. $ 350 million in Jordan, Juanita asked for a divorce worth UD $ 168 million. This value is the largest amount in divorce in Hollywood.

9: Maria Shriver (ex-Arnold Schwarzenegger):
This latest record he could matahin previous record held by Michael Jordan's wife. Maria Shriver officially filed for divorce on July 1, 2011, after 25 years of marriage to Arnold Schwarzenegger. Now, she has officially split from cheating husband with the maid. He gets Gono-gini division of property amounted to USD350 million (Rp2, 9 trillion).

Sources: kaskus.us

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