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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Bodied voluptuous women considered to be very sexy


Try to flash back to the era pin-up girl in the 1940's. Bodied voluptuous women considered to be very sexy. Hard-selling poster was filled with photographs of celebrities who became a sex symbol in his time. Curve of the body Betty Grable, Jean Harlow, and Lauren Bacall made him crazy. Another woman was admiring their bodies, which belong to a normal body type in general. Yet somehow, a woman's ideal body size the more it expands.When the first body of Marilyn Monroe hourglass is fairly sensual, and Audrey Hepburn looks fragile, in the 90's all spin. Super skinny body like Kate Moss to be a crazy fashion muse. Skinny body ideals of the fashion industry seems to lead to problems, with the emergence of new social norms in a particular community group, which set a size zero as the most ideal size. Although controversial, many of which seem to follow this norm. Women are willing to starve to have a body like this. Anorexia nervosa is an 'epidemic' experienced by the model to maintain the slim body in order to meet the demands of the fashion house at the time.HEALTHY: NOWBombarded with a row of pictures supermodel skinny, she hopes to receive a normal-sized body condition 'as is' seems increasingly unlikely. Many models are torturing themselves with just eating tomatoes! Their bodies are smaller, up to a size zero to wear any of greatness! This harsh reality makes Cosmo sighed, and asked myself .. what's wrong with this trend? We have to stop this!Awareness of the dangers of size zero below it started in 2006. Luisel Ramos, 22-year-old model, died of heart failure due to anorexia nervosa. At that time, she weighed only 44 kg with a height of 175 cm, with a body mass index of 14.5, below the WHO standard size when it is to categorize the 16 entry in IMT hunger or malnutrition.Concerned with this issue, Madrid Fashion Week will set a policy not to use models with a BMI under 18, and the Council of Fashion Designers of America requires that the model for implementing lifestyle and healthy eating. Plus-size models like Crystal Renn, Marquita Pring, and voluptuous bodied artists such as Beyonce, Katy Perry, Christina Hendricks, and Sofia Vergara re-fill the magazine.The Victoria's Secret model also has a healthy body shape with a sexy toned muscles. Runway no longer filled with walking skeletons.This turns out to be a new trend in 2011! Awareness to live a healthy lifestyle is growing. This is the peak month of awareness to live a healthy lifestyle with a good body image. Save the future of young people with the holding of the Endangered Species *, International Summit, in New York, March 18 to 19.The campaign will be a forum to establish norms that will involve government, educational institutions, multinational corporations, fashion and media industries, to create a new visual culture, which displays the diverse beauty of the beauty of a real woman's body. (Cosmo / bee)

Source: Cosmopolitan

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