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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

women would not be so eager to know the secret of eternal youth of Hollywood divas


If the case does not mean beauty for women, then women would not be so eager to know the secret of eternal youth of Hollywood divas like Madonna and Demi Moore. Their beauty is not only cosmetic but also as a magic marker for consistency to maintain a healthy life stay young and fresh. The following tips will help you keep the skin to stay young naturally:Age 18-25 years:Youth is when you are full of passionate energy to achieve a dream. You have everything you need: great energy, strong body and skin a bright glow. Use this period to strengthen the heart and is committed to healthy living that would help slow the aging process.Healthy foodIf you want to remain active without frequently feeling sick then this is a good time to establish tulang.Untuk get strong bones, drank about 2/8 ounces of vitamin D and complete with milk every day. Combine the two bodies is very helpful in the process of absorption of calcium in milk. In addition, broccoli is also very well taken because it is rich in magnesium, vitamin K and phosphorus. Vitamin C, as already known to the public, it is very important as an anti-stress vitamin and well in the absorption of iron.Avoid adverse effects of sunlightSunlight can accelerate the skin aging process. Protect your skin from ultraviolet rays by using the 'lotion' that contains an SPF 30 daily 2 times.Stop smokingSmoking causes wrinkling of the skin and accelerate the aging process. Cigarette smoke will cause free radicals that damage the collagen in the skin. Discard all cigarettes now if you want to stay young.Set fitness scheduleWhen you are at this age, she should move on because the body is still strong enough to create a solid foundation for your life to come.Age 25-35 yearsPeriod where there will be many changes: career, marriage and persaudaraan.Ini is time for you to begin to stop the indiscriminate eating habits and prioritize fitness.Began to improve skin30s is highly recommended to improve skin condition because this is where wrinkles begin to appear. There have been many lotions and expensive anti-aging creams available in cosmetics stores, but you should consult your doctor before your beauty choices.Keeping the weightAge when the fat-fat is distributed. It's important for you to keep your weight according to your ideal weight. We recommend that you start to reduce intake of fat and sugar. Choose food that is good for metabolism such as fruits and vegetables.Age 35-45 yearsA time when women realize that their bodies are far from what they expected. Apparent change in the skin and muscles begin to relax.Do a regular check-upsIncreased risk of developing diabetes at this age. Production of insulin in the body will be diminishing returns, then do regular glucose tests will be spared from the deadly disease.Age 45 +Period in which you need to reset the purpose of life and trying to stay cool. Feelings of loneliness and disappointment will probably be a lot of women feel at this age. One strategy to overcome this mood problems can be resolved if you join in community activities, learn new things or doing routine mediation.If you still feel uneasy and troubled, it is advisable to consult the nearest therapist. Most importantly, do not forget to keep activity and healthy eating.

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