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Friday, April 20, 2012

Bazaar Wedding Exhibition


Androgynous style has become the hallmark of Tri Handoko collection. According to him, the bride can dress up like that because not everyone has a feminine soul.On the last day of Bazaar Wedding Exhibition (8/4), Tri Handoko onstage Bridal Fashion Week, in the Ballroom of The Ritz-Carlton, Pacific Place, Jakarta. Displaying 20 sets new wedding dress collection in the thick shades with androgynous style, a blending of the characteristics of masculine and feminine is presented by the Tri Handoko in Realovety themes taken from the word "Real" and "Love".Collection inspired by the word love is made from the heart, with honesty featuring a different female characters. Tri also presents a simple fashion to the strong personal, who want to appear without having to cheat on the appearance of others.In a powerful piece of minimalist and will touch androgynous, Tri Handoko packing material collection in cotton, linen, satin, semi-wool, shantung and taffeta. Some of the colors he used this time is the color of gold, cream, gray, black and white dominate the latest collection.Androgynous style is so viscous force from the beginning of the show, featuring a woman wearing a black tuxedo with a red heart-shaped ribbon, matching the gloves are also colored red. Although the style of a strong masculine, feminine touch of color presented by statements supporting accessories. Then another female model to use with a touch of tuxedo jumpsuit, the mixing of black and white.Long dress comes with a wrinkle at the waist, using luxurious linen, with the game line as an ornamental accent on the chest which is applied with opaque material lining the pastel pink. Polkadot made from translucent, with bell sleeves combined with a pair of ¾ pipe.There are also two pieces, pants and tops feather style suits, accented with black decoration is present on the collar and the waist line. Dress 3/4 brown decorative accents that combined black lines that form interesting patterns on the chest. There is also an asymmetrical dress with fluffy skirt, where the long tail is more visible so as to provide a luxurious texture.In the second sequence, the dress - white dress out like an angel out of heaven. Long white gowns flowing, pleated skirt tight blouse combined width, then a white dress with draped lapel and shaped like a kimono, without sleeves with pleated decoration at the bottom of the dress. Overall the collection provides a very rich selection of styles for you to have a sense of androgyny.source: vemale.com

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