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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Never be bored to learn

Firsthand Fashion

Ladies, Cosmo chose Eddy Betty, the famous designer creations bustier and ready-made label graced Edbe the growing ready-to-wear fashion homeland, as a muse in this month. The following excerpt from the inspiring to the designer.A. "Never be bored to learn. I got to school fashion for up to two times to explore what I want to know. "2. "The science of the experience is as important as school. I had an internship at many fashion houses in Paris, such as Christian Lacroix and Loris Azzaro as sewing or stylist team members. The constraints that are found when work is a valuable lesson to be a designer. "3. "I always carried my little book out of the house to record the time to see or hear something that inspires me."4. "I collect art, but art that I choose or buy expensive or not as well liked, but being able to touch my heart."5. "Try to fill the agenda of traveling to visit the museum and look deeper into what you want to know. I'm always exploring different ways. "6. "In addition to books about fashion, I am also an avid reader of history, architecture, and religion."7. "Creating something must be total. I delayed 15 years to create a line of ready-to-wear. It takes inspiration, exploration, and thorough research in order to form a signature style and ready to launch my label ready-made clothing, Edbe. "8. "Confidence is very important for a designer. By having, you know the stages to realize your dreams. When he returned to Indonesia, I settle at my goal: to become well-known designer! "9. "In life, have many friends is important for every individual. But prayer is equally important for your life. "10. "In the present era, team work is a powerful weapon at work. Every person has limitations, and by working in accordance with their respective strengths, making our work is accomplished. "11. "Try to cultivate what is already available to be something you are proud. When experiencing the limitations on the production of ready-to-wear, I see something that has become the nation's own advantages. I also apply batik material on the edgy design, so in addition to help preserve the heritage of the nation itself, the younger generation is also going to try and enjoy wearing it. "(Cosmo / miw)Source: Cosmopolitan

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