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Monday, April 16, 2012

Avril Lavigne relieve the stress of everyday work

Many ways you can do to relieve the stress of everyday work. As well as that done by the beautiful singer from Canada, Avril Lavigne. Choose to cook when he claimed to feel stress, and do it at home or on the sidelines of the tour.

"I do not really like watching TV but I love to cook. I can cook whatever I like as much, "said Avril. "When I cook at home all day and when I cook for the touring band members. It makes me happy. "

Not only a cook, a former boyfriend Deryck Whibley is also hobby of painting. "I like to draw a very large abstract painting and hang it at home," said Avril.

Although it has a very feminine hobby, Avril claims remain a 'rockstar'. It is seen from him that tattooing themselves with the word 'F ** k'.

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