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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Bag of the present This style combines the fashion style

 Practical, minimalist and simple, that style is offered in a boyish style of dress. This style combines the fashion style of the man with the character of women in fashion. Various modifications to be applied without favor one of the properties, ie masculinity or femininity. If linked to gender equality, this fashion can be a real manifestation of equality between masculinity and femininity.

Well, talk about the style of boyish style, you certainly can imagine a variety of man is transformed into a beautiful suits for women. Yes but what is most appropriate matching bag for the boyish style? Vemale have contekannya for you.

Satchel bag
Satchel bag (c) casualbags
When the man wearing suits, bags Satchel models are most appropriate to carry with you step. This bag has a masculine side of the box forms a slightly stiff, the cover flap and clasp are typical Satchel bag.
Messenger bag
Messenger bag (c) boogylondon
It looked like a bag of the postman, with a cover flap and strap on the two sides of the bag. Present a more sporty models in a simple box bags with zippers on the top cover. Usually made ​​with strong material and masculine, making it fit perfectly with your style of casual or formal.

Mini shoulder bag
Mini shoulder bag (c) pursepage
Insert a feminine style that is simple and does not dominate over the mini-sized shoulder bag. This bag also provides simple and glamorous side that will enhance your boyish appearance. With a record, put on the shoulders straight, and do not wear a cross ya.

Oversize clutch
Oversize clutch (c) blogspot
Men tend to prefer holding the bag rather than have to carry luggage or large bags hanging on one shoulder (of course!). We can adapt this style to hold oversized clutch in lieu or a hobo bag tote bag. Choose a model with a rigid color shades the soil to a more formal and choose a color for a more glamorous look.
(VEM / miw)


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