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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

How To Talk to Children

Align your body with the child's height when I want to make absolutely sure he heard you.Talking with children is not an easy task. Even for parents of children sometimes find it difficult even to talk with the child. For those of you who are watching Nanny 911 series must have witnessed the difficulty of parents to bring their children to speak. How to Nanny Deb and Nanny Stella to talk with the child? Here's their tips for the Nanny 911 book:A. If you want to make sure your children follow their (or when I want to teach discipline), lower your body as tall as a child. Sitting or kneeling, select a convenient for you.2. Face-to-eye. This is an important part. If necessary, gently palingkan his face so he looked directly to you.3. If the child is very upset, rub her back or stomach. This is a form of recognition sweep. No need to pull or hold her by force to be adjacent to it, unless the child is truly hysterical and needs to be appeased. If the child is hysterical, let it cool before you talk to. Let him catch his breath.4. Change the tone of her voice to be firm but gentle. Your voice is naturally up and down when you're happy or having fun.5. Give the words to children to help the flow of conversation. Bantu children are still very small by messengers to follow your words and encourage him to try. For children who are older, you can open a conversation with an idea, like, "You seem upset."6. Repeat back what the child said. It shows that you are really listening. It also gives you time to rearrange your mind.7. Do not interrupt the child when she was told. Let him say what was on his mind. Tell him that you understand. When your turn comes, they will stop talking and listen to you. If they interrupt you, saying, 'Mama get it, but let Mama finished first, then we can talk. "8. Even if your heart is full of turmoil, always try to remain calm.

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