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Friday, April 13, 2012

Batik On Weaving, Classical Touch Innovation

Alleira back into batik design trendsetter with its newest innovation. This time collaborating with typical fibrous classic fabric, weaving, which is known not a ready to wear clothing material. Combination of weaving and songket motifs beautify Alleira unique batik designs, and was named Batik On Weaving.
Batik On Weaving performed with a total of 40 collection at Fashion Nation 2010, the prestigious fashion parade feast of Senayan City.
"Weaving is On Batik motifs woven creations that collaborated with the design and color image Alleira. Motif woven batik fabric made in the above," said Anita Asmaya, Production Manager Alleira Batik, Batik fashion show on the sidelines On Weaving, An Inspiring Treasure, at Senayan City Friday (4/30/2010) ago.
Fashion show attended by fashionistas are held in five sequences. Eight professional models showing off a collection of 24 adults and 16 children demonstrated Alleira Kids collection.

Weaving On Batik designs for women dominated loose volume and mix of material songket as a combination. Weaving motif is strong because of the color gradation technique. Personal side is strengthened by the unique and rich detail the results of hand-made. Appear in the piece dress, this impressive collection of simple, modern, elegant, appropriately used to attend the semiformal event.
Chiffon, silk, and satin material of choice for the complete collection available for men and women. Alleira fans can find it in any boutiques and outlets in Indonesia, Singapore, Australia, or Malaysia. If interested, you should immediately go to one of its outlets, as only limited production.

"The design of weaving patterned batik clothing is more complicated in the making. It took three weeks to complete a single sheet of cloth measuring 3 meters maximum," said Anita told Compass Female. According to him, it takes 4-5 months of experimentation to produce the best batik weaving.