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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Among the international brands that captivate

Private Collection

 Among the international brands that captivate, charm of powerful beauty of Batik Batik's design of the Maestro Iwan Tirta, attracted the attention of fashion lovers past Saturday afternoon (17/3) at the Function Hall Plaza Indonesia. Through the hands of the man born 18 April 1935, the Batik became one of its worldwide work not only in the national sphere, but also the international universe.Being one of the famous batik designers in the country, the beauty of the collection is not receding Iwan Tirta. Although the Maestro has been facing the Creator, his work will always remain alive. In a series of events Plaza Indonesia Fashion Week 2012 this time, Iwan Tirta Private Collection carries the atmosphere of spring into a series of his latest collection.Meet the waiting room that is set into a lounge-style mixing classical with pop colors are bright, the guests look so slick with their appearance. Using a variety of batik motif, in dresses, shirts, fabrics and scarves, Plaza Indonesia Function Hall transformed into shades of 'Spring' is a warm and pleasant.And welcome offerings Iwan Tirta Private Collection, Spring Summer 2012 in the editorial 'Love In Spring'."Combining the beauty of flowers by adapting Sogan batik, Iwan Tirta Private Collection presents Love Spring"Spring has begun in the western hemisphere of the world, colorful flowers setaman looks so pretty and cheerful. Butterfly motif inspired Buketan, taken from the word bouquet or flower arrangement, a batik decoration which adapts the European style. Colorful graffiti on the black and creme with gold Sogan makes this collection so wonderful and beautiful. That picture 'Love in Spring ", featuring a selection of coat combined with a pencil skirt or pants and pipe as the choice of work clothes.This collection adapt Sogan batik batik-applied so well in a cocktail dress evening gowns dresses also work. Some cocktail dresses for the event was also attended by the day or night with a hint of drapery, pleats, and ruffles that make this collection look more beautiful.sources: (VEM / bee / ana)

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