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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Smile of a woman must be supported with a beautiful, healthy lips


Although a man's eyes look when you're talking, but the results showed that the face that often gets attention it is your lips.

Researchers from Manchester University conducted a study to put on the software 'gaze tracker' in some men. Ten seconds after they meet a woman, on average, men spend more time watching her lips.

"For many centuries, the women paint their lips diligent with red lipstick to enhance your appearance," said lead researcher, Dr Geoff Beattie. "This tradition reminds us of the habits of ancient Egyptian woman and that always uses red lipstick and rouge to sweeten his appearance."

"The research we suspect that there is a strong link between red lips with the appeal, because red is the most eye-catching colors." Still remember the allure of the article of red clothing a while ago right?

The study also found that women, whether thin or thick lips owner, will look more attractive if you use lipstick, than none at all. So, do not forget to wear lipstick ya! (VEM / meg)

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