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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

hijab hoodie accompany your activity is running fast

At this time of Ramadan, the presence of hijab hoodie accompany your activity is running fast. The use of the hijab is a practical hoodie, you just wear a thin veil that makes the base of your hair and pull the hood closed veil hoodie over his head, voila .. You already appear attractive.

Umm .. yes but really bored with the style-that's only? We have a unique style and sweet veil to match your veil with your favorite hoodie. With this choice of wearing the hijab, you will no longer be bored to combine it with the hoodie hijab. Yuk emulate ..

As an initial troubleshooting, make the first roll of hair and the wearing of the hijab basic jersey material and insert the end into the collar of the dress.

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A. Fold the pashmina with a flower motif with the size of the folds that cover the top of his head.


2. Tie pashmina scarf on the back of the base just below the hair break off.



3. Pull both ends of the pashmina that fell on one shoulder, make a spiral knot to one end of the run out. In order not to loose, pinned a small safety pin on the end of the pashmina.

SCHEDULE holy month of Ramadan FAST 1432 H
4. Pull the tip of your hoodie hijap to the top of the head, leave your pashmina knot dangling in front.


5. As a final step, make up your hijab hoodie. Done ..

Easy is not it? Use of this floral pashmina would make you look more vibrant and there is nothing to worry about bad hair sticking out. Good luck!

Model: Noviana

source: Aik (VEM / WSW)

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