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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Behind of the effects of Oral Sex

More varied, not risky, and feels more intimate, this is the reason a lot mentioned about the reasons why people like oral sex. Sex activity involving genital and oral area is indeed a sensation, because the lips, tongue and even teeth can be explored to provide a nice touch. But who said it was not risky? Behind it all turned out to be oral sex can also threaten the health and longevity of your relationship. In addition, it was the perception of women and men about oral sex is different. Here are four things about oral sex you need to know.Oral sex and throat cancerYou certainly know the HPV virus or human papillomavirus, the main cause of cervical cancer in women. Certain types of HPV is suspected as the cause of the oropharynx and tonsil cancer of the throat. Sexual activity may mediate the migration of oral HPV, which means you risk causing throat cancer, both men and women.Oral sex can ruin relationshipsNot everyone feels comfortable about his private area to be treated with something unusual. Often the desire of couples to make a person does not dare to refuse, although he himself did not get to enjoy the oral sex. If you do not find the best solution for both of these activities can actually destroy a relationship."Behind all of it was oral sex can also threaten the health and longevity of your relationship."Oral sex also need a safetyAlthough oral sex is less risk of pregnancy, but condoms are still necessary to avoid sexually transmitted diseases. A variety of venereal disease virus can be transmitted through oral sex, it can even be the case also in the mouth. Using a condom is one of the safeguards to prevent the transmission of this virus.Oral sex among adolescentsAs reported on WebMD, most teens do not view oral sex as something that is risky in terms of both health and social. This is because sex is only viewed as the biological activity only, while if viewed in terms of moral, oral sex is still not justified. Based on a survey reported by WebMD on 425 respondents, it is known that the reason they do it is to have fun, strengthen relationships, to fame and curiosity. For teenage boys, fun is the main reason, while women do more to strengthen their relationship. To that end, should be given sex education is not just about pregnancy, but also about the moral of having sex before marriage.

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