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Thursday, April 26, 2012

You may already have a collection or beautiful lingerie bra

Bustier (left), and corsets.
You may already have a collection or beautiful lingerie bra to be worn at special moments. However, a bra with a wire buffer is sometimes confined to the body as a strong bond. There are times when you want to look a little different, more comfortable, or more practical.That's when you need another type of underwear. Or bodysuit corset, for example, has long been forgotten. However, why not try wearing a bra as a substitute for this item? You can wear them to the activity of the morning until the evening, as well as the depth of the outfit. Amanda Horan Kennedy, CEO of Sassybax Shapewear, introducing various forms of depth that you can make an alternative."Bustier". Is more appropriate clothing be worn as evening dress. So, wear with jeans for the evening show, or in a cocktail party. You can also wear behind-breasted blazer. This will make you look sexier than have to wear a completely open. You know, clothes that actually makes people open a little imagination.Corset. In her films, setting the era of Queen Victoria (1837-1901), you will usually see the characters body wrapped in a corset is so tight. The corset was usually using ropes, and need help from others to tighten. Corset model now of course it's not as bothersome. However, in order to get a more streamlined silhouette, it does not matter if you have a little not hold your breath?"Bodysuit". In the 1980's rare women who does not wear a bodysuit. The model is like the innards, but connected as a pair, making it look so neat and sexy. You can also make a complementary fashion. Wear a camisole, and match with jeans and a black leather jacket."Bralette". Bralette including lingerie items that are important. Shaped like a bra, but in a less structured version because it has no wires underneath. If you have a mini breast, and do not need support like a bra, wear bralette inside your blouse. Let the little lacy top that pops up."Chemise". French women often wore a chemise, or the depths of this length to get the impression flirting. For everyday purposes, chemise can also be used to avoid the effect gazing from a skirt or dress of thin material."Robe". Leave a kimono or robe made of thick towels. Wear a robe of silk in order to map out your curves clearly. Use when you and he prepared for a long night. Then let the robe fall on its own ....Sources: GALTime

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