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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

For those of you who have the bustle and activity of the solid


For those of you who have the bustle and activity of the solid, time is a precious thing. In the morning, the average people skip breakfast in order to pursue the activity of a solid welcome. Avoid this bad habit. Make sure you start the day with the intake of foods that improve the performance of the brain to run more focused activity. It is more useful than a cup of coffee.Try eating 6 breakfast menu to improve performance and brain power, such as the following:A. Low Fat Yogurt with FlaxseedFlaxseed or flaxseed contains Omega-3 healthy fats to help maintain brain function and memory, consumption of a cup of low fat yogurt sprinkled with flax seeds will help to improve brain performance. Yogurt is high in protein to keep the concentration levels in the morning.2. Wheat Cereal with Dried FruitGrain cereals can help keep blood sugar levels while providing energy through a busy day. Combine with a few pieces of dried fruit to boost your fiber intake, and complete with soy milk to increase your protein intake.3. Egg White Omelet with Protein Low FatIf you want a tasty meal, make omelet egg whites and add low-fat cuts of meat that comes with fresh vegetables. High protein intake will help you stay focused and to prevent hunger before lunch time.4. Wheat Bread with Peanut ButterSpread peanut butter on whole wheat bread as a nutritious breakfast. Choose peanut butter to avoid the consumption of unhealthy fats and fiber wheat bread to get high. Of this fiber carbohydrates are digested much longer so make fuller for longer, and keep blood sugar levels stable throughout the day.5. Fruit and Yogurt SmoothieConsumption of fruit that have a low glycemic index as a mixture of yogurt smoothie in the morning you are bright and make it as healthy and tasty breakfast in the morning.6. Cereal MixCereal is one of the best sources of fiber. Mix the cereal with fruit, nuts, seeds, wheat, and apples. Use honey as a natural sweetener and is equipped with soy milk or fat-free milk to maximize the brain works.Eat one of these 6 breakfast menu every day to keep the maximum performance of the brain in the morning. (Df / yel)Source:http://duniafitnes.com/

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