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Sunday, April 22, 2012

When we have a broken heart

When we have a broken heart, there is the pain that gripped his chest and head; make the tears flow easily. The more we remember the events that make the sad, the body feels pain. Looks like this is far from the logic, how can the problems caused by the feelings and thoughts can hurt our bodies.

A number of researchers curious about this, and conduct research to find out why the feelings of sadness and heartache can really hurt like physical abuse. The study involved 40 people who are broken-hearted, do a scan with the MRI, then ask them to look at pictures of ex girlfriend which of course makes them sobbing. Further back MRI scan performed on women who are grieving this.

As a comparison, in the later stages of the respondents are given physical pain stimuli, ie heat. Not too hot and not make a blister, but enough to give a little physical shock. Then the return rate to the observed MRI scan brain activity.

It turned out that when love is denied, or experiencing pain, the brain that responds is the same as physical pain responders such as skin burns. Terlecut emotions literally whipped up in the same brain area responders with physical injuries. So, if you love your body, do not like to drag on in sadness, because your whole body to feel pain.

5 Quotes Broken Heart Healer

And you feel discouraged that there are five quotes we offer to you. Not to make you cry, but to make you a tougher person :)"I do not miss him, I miss WHO I thought he was."While falling in love with someone, you described it perfectly in your mind. Fill the whole heart and mind with a picture of the feelings you feel when you fall in love.However, once you get hurt, your whole image is shattered by reality. And that's why you feel hurt and disappointed when your relationship ends. Ladies, release a picture of him from your mind and heart so that you can move on. Reassure your heart, that this is the reality of the matter. Reality in which he was not in the bond with your commitment."You never really stop loving someone. You just learn to try to live without them"Remember the time when you are not familiar with him. How do you live? Okay right?That's what you should do at this time, learn to live without him, like you never lived before. You do not have to try hard to forget it, just let your feelings recover over time. You only need to undergo the fact that this time you have to go without it.Relax, you can, and you'll be fine really."You do not need a relationship to define WHO you are."Who says you broke up when he and then you lose your identity?No! You're still you, not someone who is different. You do not need him just to find your identity. You do not need to know who you are."Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass. It's about learning how to dance in the rain."Often we are asked, "when this problem will be gone?"In fact, the problem is never ending, and you do not have to wait long until you step back. All you need to do is, find ways that you can continue to operate even if the problem still exists around you."You're beautiful, and someone out there will always love you"Hey, who's to say you do not deserve someone much better?Only now you are yourself a low rate. In fact, you with all the advantages that you have demonstrated that you are indeed a special person. Where do you currently have to drop out and be single again, this is not because you do not have an edge. But, in fact you deserve someone better than that now.Believe me, that behind every farewell, disappointments and problems there are a wonderful message brought to you. And, the message asks you to continue the journey towards your goal.source: Vemale.com-(VEM / bee)

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