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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Caring Stay Beautiful Shoes

Make up has been daubed with a sweetness on each side of the face, you were in front of a mirror to make sure no bare hand or too much. Then you take the dress you've prepared, pretty ok deh now just grabbed her bag and shoes that fit you. But how shocked you are when you find the shoes you like the white cotton balls mushrooms grown in all parts.Not only in your leather shoes, high heels, sneakers and canvas belongs to your brother also was overgrown with the fungus that sucks.Indeed irritating to find all your favorite shoes mushrooms grown with fertile, when you store it in the box and seems to be safe from all kinds of fungal attack, moths or cockroaches. But still it can be damaged shoes huh?Hmmm ... Carefully store and care for your beloved shoe collection. If you feel you've been caring for and it turns out the fungus is still growing, follow the instructions on the following pages, which certainly would drive all the way various mushrooms that grow in the shoe. [Break]Material LeatherPure leather is so comfortable to wear in the feet, very elegant and of course expensive. Too bad it took extra care for this one, though beautiful, leather shoes are very fragile and easily damaged.Leather shoes should be placed in a dry and comfortable, so do not invaded by fungi. But do not be put in place a very hot, because the material can dry skin and chapped. Hmm ... and how to care?Tips on caring for leather shoes:A. Wipe any remaining dust and dirt every time you have put on your shoes. If necessary wash with warm water and dry with a towel. Do not let any remaining water that sticks, shoes and pat it dry winds.2. Do not forget to smear the moisturizer before storing your shoes. Moisturizers also needed to keep her shoes dry. If you do not find a particular moisturizer shoes, you can use your hand body lotion.3. Keep shoes on and then wrap tightly in plastic, put in a box that had been given some silica gel. Silica gel helps reduce the water content, keeping the moisture, and away from moths and cockroaches. [Break]Synthetic Leather MaterialIf there is genuine leather and pure, when it comes lots of shoes that the material is a combination of leather and synthetic materials. The price tends to be cheaper, color may vary and the designs more diverse than pure leather shoes.Almost the same as shoe leather, shoe combination treatment also requires extra attention. Synthetic shoes are less waterproof, easily cracked and brittle.Synthetic shoe care tips:A. Make sure your shoes are clean when you'll keep returning to the shoe box. Clean shoes from dust with a brush, or you can clean it with a slightly damp cloth. Avoid to wash immediately with detergent and water as this will make the material more brittle.2. Drain, winds in the shade until you are sure it is completely dry, then store them in the box.3. Do not forget to put silica gel or water so that the moisture-absorbing shoe you are awake. [Break]Material or canvas sneakersFor the second treatment is relatively similar shoes. You can wash it with soap and water, but make sure you rinse completely clean so that the material is not damaged.Even if the detergent helps clean the shoes of dirt, if you do not rinse until clean, then the shoes will be very fragile and easily damaged.Cleaning tips and canvas sneakers:A. Make sure you wash your shoes clean with detergent and rinse with clean water until the shoe does not leave bubbles.2. Drain in a bit of sunshine and no wind. Do not dry in a shady place so the water too quickly evaporates.3. When it is dry shoes with antiseptic spray. Put it in a shoe box that has been given the silica gel.Whatever your activity, your shoes will stay clean, ready to wear and comfortable. (VEM / bee)
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