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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Cause Birth Trauma Triggers

William Emerson 15 000 Research on traumatic childbirth. This figure can be ranked high given that only five percent of the mothers who are free bersalinnya process trauma.
According to Reza Gunawan, holistic healing practitioner, birth trauma is a soul injury experienced by the mother and fetus that occurs during birth. Without the effort of healing, the injury was potentially life-long term problems, not just for mothers but also the baby.
Anything that can cause birth trauma? Generally the cause is related to the labor constraints experienced by the mother such as:A. Prolonged labor. This is the most common triggers of trauma in childbirth. As is known, the birthing process is divided into 10 phases, the initial opening (the opening one) until the end of the opening phase (opening ten), including the stage of pushing the mother lived to about 8-10 hours.
Well, because there is an obstacle, the delivery process can reach more than 10 hours even have to wait days and days. This condition makes the mother feel the pain of heartburn and longer.
There also are an obstacle to labor long and hard on them:* Physiological barrier, which is the circumference of the mother's pelvis narrow or small so that the fetus is difficult to get out.* The opening is very slow going because of thickening of the uterus.* The muscles of the uterus and vagina street channel is not flexible because of the tension of the vagina.* The position of the fetus is breech so slow loading.* The emergence of a sudden obstacle. Example, the mother's blood pressure suddenly rose sharply.* Asthma relapse to pregnant women resulted in a decrease in consciousness.* The fetus is too large (above 4 kg), multiple fetuses, or fetal shoulder dystocia occurred so long and traumatic labor.
2. Labor action. Physical trauma can also occur due to an action or a way to help labor performed medical experts. Among them:* The use of vacuum devices or forceps.* Episotomi or the cutting the perineum (the area between the vagina to anus) to widen the birth canal and penjahitannya.* Induction.* Operative or cesarean delivery can also make a trauma, such as epidural and cesarean pascabersalin effect that feels uncomfortable for the mother.

 Now Far Longer birth

Medical technology today is much more modern, so that women have greater opportunities to become pregnant and give birth to healthy children. But for the affairs of birth, modern women need more time.

The time required for 2.5 hours of labor longer than 50 years ago. The increase is likely due to differences in the weight and age, in which modern women tend to be heavier and four years older when giving birth.

Research conducted by the National Institute of Child Health in Maryland, USA, involved 150,000 women who labor in the year 2002-2008. Old and their delivery methods were then compared with labor that occurred in 1959-1966.

Researchers found that in the early stages of labor, where the contraction is happening, but pregnant women do not push, the time increased an average of 2 hours 36 minutes on the mother who first gave birth. Whereas in women who already have one child, delivery time increased to 2 hours.

"The age of pregnant women who are older and body mass index higher to be considered as one of the factors causing the increase," says researcher Katherine Laughon. "We believe that some aspects of the practice in the delivery room as well be the cause."

Changes in the method of delivery is also influenced the length of labor. More than half of pregnant women currently undergoing epidural (local anesthetic), while the sample in the 1960s there were only 4 percent. This process is expected to prolong epidural during labor and delivery between 40-90 minutes.

Although it felt painful, according to Patrick O'Brien, a spokesman for the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, the increase in labor time and unnecessary worry.

"The babies at the moment seems more healthy when born, and studies show that babies are far memvakum process down," he explained.

Source: The Sun

(Hilman Hilmansyah)

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