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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

This Morning presenter in the UK

This Morning presenter in the UK, Holly Willoughby, the first ranks of celebrities with most beautiful cleavage.

It's a celebration that can not be carried out by men against fellow kind. Thousands of women were polled held by lingerie brand Wonderbra, where 1,000 people of which are crowned as the Best Celebrity Holly Willoughby cleavage (celebrity with best cleavage). British television presenter ranks first in the Hall of Fame Wonderbra cleavage, followed by several other well-known figures such as Scarlett Johansson, Rihanna, and Kim Kardashian.Wonderbra held a poll to celebrate National Day cleavage which took place on Thursday (3/29/2012) ago. A photo gallery titled Wonderbra cleavage Hall of Fame, which reveal 10 most beautiful celebrities breasts on display at the company headquarters in the UK.Holly managed to occupy the first rank as it is considered to meet all the criteria of the breast with perfect cleavage. Among other criteria is kesensualan breasts, how close the two breasts, and of course size. However, this assessment is not simply related to breast impresifnya how these celebrities.The survey also studied the behavior of women's breasts, and revealed that two thirds of British women were happy to show off their cleavage. It creates a feeling feminine and sexy, and makes them more confident. Half of the women surveyed admitted using her breasts as "weapons", for example in order to serve you faster on the bar, to give the impression of depth when the first date, or even run away from getting a speeding ticket!"We are very pleased that British star Holly Willoughby managed to beat strong competition to become the first celebrity named in the Wonderbra cleavage Hall of Fame," said company spokeswoman, Martina Alexander. "Wonderbra cleavage proud to be the creator of the original. There is no better reason for women to celebrate her curves today (yesterday), the National Day cleavage."The complete list Wonderbra cleavage Celebrity Hall of FameA. Holly Willoughby2. Scarlett Johansson3. Beyonce4. Rihanna5. Marilyn Monroe6. Dita Von Teese7. Katy Perry8. Brigitte Bardot9. Kim Kardashian10. Lara StoneSource: The Daily Mail

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