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Friday, April 20, 2012

Female Body After Childbirth

Being a mom is a big sacrifice, not only about fighting with death in childbirth, but also changes in the body that must be experienced after 9 months of pregnancy and childbirth experience. After giving birth a woman's body tend to be more fat because muscle is weakened and the increase in weight due to food must be maintained to meet the needs of the fetus. But not only that you know, there are nine major changes that occur in a woman's body after she gives birth.

A. hair loss

A few weeks after childbirth, some women experience severe hair loss. Actually this is normal and the hair will grow back in its normal cycle. But if you do not have enough nutrients and do not treat hair properly, this condition will permanently leave the baldness on your head.

2. Skin so problematic

During pregnancy, usually appears dark circles under the eyes, severe acne and skin redness on the face, especially cheeks. This situation could go back a few weeks after giving birth.

3. enlarged breasts

Water filled milk, your breasts will swell and ache. When it was no longer breastfeeding, your breasts will sag as a result of the previously enlarged breast muscle.

4. Stomach is not slim anymore

An enlarged uterus due to pregnancy are not directly shrink once you give birth. It took about six weeks and even longer in order to shrink the uterus. But stretch the muscles loose marksdan not simply shrink, you need a sports and fitness to return to normal body shape.

5. leg swelling

Feet will swell during pregnancy, making you can not wear pretty shoes favorite. Some women even experience it shortly after birth, but do not worry, leg swelling will go away by itself.

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