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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Accessories Modern Style Chic women


Envelope Clutch


(c) thisnext

There was no other accessories that further reinforces the impression of modern sophisticated chic addition to this beautiful clutch. With a firm silhoutte, Clucths will add pressure on the display working woman. Envelope clutch for example, provide a luxurious look that is affordable and simple chic.
High-waisted dress


(c) unichic

High-waisted dress will provide a touch up on a small waist, so add a little volume on the body to make it look fuller.

Choose pastel colors to accentuate the chic modern look.

Trench Coat


(c) swingfashionista

The accessories should you have is a trench coat. Action adds a mysterious and elegant with additional detail belt or buttons at the top.

Chiffon Dress


(c) kaboodle

Asimetrikal chiffon dress is a great choice for a chic modern look. Silhoutte and color blend simplenya coupled with a pair of black pumps will look perfect.

Platform t-strap sandal


(c) fashionfuss

Another brilliant design work platform t-strap with soft leather which would bind the feet. To look at the evening party, or just attending a charity event during the day, this modern chic platform sandal gives much comfort and minimizing leg fatigue.
Diamond bracelet


(c) realbollywood

Modern style does not necessarily mean all the glamor and sparkling, just display a simple and elegant chic.

Perlengkap your look with simple diamond bracelet, choose the colors of white, rose gold, and the choice of a simple stone. (VEM / bee)

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